Miracles From Heaven Review: Nothing Extra-Ordinary Other Than The Fact That It’s Based On A True Story

If you have stopped believing in miracles, then this is your go to movie. Not because, like movies, it paints an unrealistic picture of a better life, but because it tells you the real life story of Christy Beam, the author of the book, Miracles from Heaven, which is no less than a miracle.

So, what’s Miracles from Heaven all about? 

The movie narrates the story of a 5-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with life-threatening disease. To find a cure, her mother takes her to Boston to visit a specialist. The entire movie is based on a mother’s struggle to save her daughter and the daughter’s pain, to an extent, where she can take it no more and wants her mother to give up the fight and let her just die. That one scene where it all gets unbearable for the 5-year-old and the stress that starts affecting the mother-daughter relationship is painful to watch. 

It keeps breaking your heart. After a point, you actually start questioning life. But yes, you also start to value what you have and might, for a moment at least, stop taking it for granted. If you have ever visited hospitals, in a situation where a dear one is critical, then you might have definitely come across other patients and their relatives who are fighting battles that are worse than yours. That’s the first category you meet. And then there is the second category crowd – the strangers that you meet while fighting these battles who are no less than angels. They appear from nowhere and make sure that they stay with you till you are on the battleground. Their presence doesn’t make it any easier for you but still, it gets bearable. Sometimes, they help you. Other times, they distract you. 

You find both these categories in Miracles from Heaven. There is this father-daughter duo who are fighting terminal cancer and then there is a lady, this mother-daughter befriends who helps them in Boston, whenever and wherever necessary. 

Now, there are so many hospital stories you might have watched. You must be wondering what’s special about this film and why is it here? I won’t reveal the exact twist but the child is miraculously saved from the diseases that were said to be incurable. Does she find a good doctor? No! Was the diagnosis wrong? No! She is just cured. Just like that, after falling into a giant tree that almost killed her. How? To know that, you have to watch Miracles from Heaven.

This movie is here so that at any point in time in your life, you feel like giving up, this movie will reinstate your faith in miracles. It will change the way you look at life. 

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