Masaba Masaba Season 2 Review: A Little Chaotic This Time But Still It’s Good

Warning! Masaba Masaba is not for everyone. It’s for a specific target group just like shows made keeping teenagers in mind. Even though these shows are good, only a specific audience enjoys it. Others might watch a few scenes, giggle, like the show, but still it won’t be their go-to show. Same applies to Masaba Masaba. 

Women of my age would definitely relate to everything Masaba goes through in the show. From not enjoying the current social media trends to forcefully joining the league or the relationship issues, everything is relatable. But if you are a young guy or a girl or a happily married woman, the chances of you relating to or getting engrossed in a 32-year old single woman’s life are slim. 

But yes, if you are in your 30s and single, this show is definitely for you. 

When it comes to Masaba’s story, like our everyday life, nothing changes much, other than some daily emotional ups and downs but when you compare it to the last season, like our lives again, a lot seems to have changed. 

In Masaba Masaba Season 2, what I liked the most was Neena Gupta’s track. Her side of the story. Her life! Not because she is Neena Gupta but because the life of a single, ageing mother who is trying to maintain a balance between her personal and professional life, who is trying to get back her life on track, is for some reason, soothing to watch. In a very calming way, it tells you that life is always going to be a juggle. So don’t hurry to reach somewhere you haven’t reached yet. Just enjoy the journey. 

Her story comes as a reminder that life is difficult for single women. People won’t leave a single chance to convince you that your strength is of no use and they have all the power to use, misuse, and abuse you whenever they want to. But when a woman, irrespective of her age, stands up for herself, she sets a positive example for other women. That is what Neena Gupta’s story is all about.

Other than her part, what I liked the most about this season is how two women of different ages have shown to be dealing with different yet similar issues in their lives. This shows how some things never change. I also liked the scene where Masaba doesn’t let the man who she likes but is afraid to confess (to herself), go. That particular scene where she finally speaks about her inner demons is liberating to watch. It’s beautiful.

What I disliked is Masaba Gupta’s narration at places. I love her voice and the clarity with which she speaks but at times, especially during the emotional scenes, her dialogue delivery is straight. If you simply hear her speak with no reference to the scene, you will never understand what the character is feeling at that moment. That takes all the fun away. 

After watching 2 seasons of Masaba Masaba, where I liked a few parts and disliked a few, I will be waiting for Masaba Masaba Season 3. Overall, it’s a good show. 

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