Panchayat Season 2 Review: The Friendship And Bonding Between The Men Of Panchayat Is The High Point of This Season

I don’t know why Amazon is releasing the Prime Original series a day before its scheduled release date. Modern Love Mumbai was also released much before the scheduled time. By 12:30 AM on 13th May, I was almost done watching the show when it was supposed to be released at 12 AM. 

Panchayat Season 2 release date was also announced as 20th May but it was released on 19th May. Unlike Modern Love Mumbai, where the cast and crew started posting ‘streaming now’ updates on 13th May at sharp 12 AM, Panchayat 2 was officially released a day before the planned date. 

Well, let’s come back to the review of Panchayat S2. Thankfully, nothing has changed and I guess that’s the best part about every TVF series. They don’t introduce drastic and uncomfortable changes in the new season just for the sake of it. Like their storytelling, the writers, directors, and the entire team make sure that the transition is slow yet the story moves forward at the right pace. 

If you watch Panchayat S2, you will not notice many changes in this season other than Rinky, a new character that was already introduced in the last scene of S1. Again, I had thought that this season would focus more on Sachiv Ji and Rinky’s love story but that is not the case. Panchayat is still about Panchayat and its members and not about Abhishek Tripathi and his life. He is just the catalyst. And that is another plus point of Panchayat. Every single character is a lead here, even the ones who looked like supporting characters in the last season (Prahlad and Vikas). It’s safe to say that slowly yet surely change is coming – in the way the story is unfolding and the characters are developing. 

As I mentioned in the title, the emotional bonding and friendship that is growing between the men of Panchayat is the high point of this season. It’s honestly a treat for the audience to watch them all together. We don’t usually get to see such storylines these days. When it comes to friendships, storytellers have an age group fixed in mind. They forget that friendships happen out of schools and colleges as well, irrespective of age, gender, educational background, and status. 

The scene where Abhishek Tripathi openly tells Pradhanji that his not taking a stand for him when the MLA abused him has hurt him to the core – that scene has its own aura. It is followed by a scene where Pradhan ji, Prahlad, and Vikas are hunting a snake that has entered the Panchayat office while Abhishek and his friend, Siddharth safely stand out of the office. This shows the contradictory side of the complaints that our very own Sachivji had of Pradhan ji. 

I also love how the team every time manages to make the viewers experience and feel the lazy vibe of the village. In episode 7, when Siddharth enthusiastically enters Phulera expecting to see farms, fields, and greenery all around, but ends up sitting idly wondering what to do next with life is the reality of village life. In cities, you crave a slow life but when you go to a village that has no facilities, not even basic, let alone sources of entertainment, you realise how difficult their life is. That essence has been captured and also, put forth very well on-screen.

There are just two things that I think both, the writer and director should have given more time to are Rinky (Sanvika) and Kranti Devi’s (Sunita Rajwar) characters. 

Rinky’s character could have had more details. In this season, her character showed no signs of involvement. It felt like in a tightly knitted show, Rinki is still standing on the border wondering whether she should make an entry or exit from this point. 

When it comes to Sunita Rajwar, for the OTT audience, she will forever be Bittu Ki Mummy from Gullak 3 now. Both the characters should not overlap with respect to the mannerisms and style of comedy. That, unfortunately, at some places, has happened in Panchayat 2. I just hope that this immensely talented actress will not be stereotyped. 

I also saw some similarities between Gullak 3 and Panchayat 2. The political angle and death in the last episode. Most of the TVF series take us back to the good old Doordarshan days. Variety in similar type of content is difficult but not impossible when the story has something new to tell. Going forward, I hope all their series do not start sounding, looking, or feeling repetitive. 

I will end this review with another best part about Panchayat S2. The casting! TVF’s casting has always been excellent. I am not talking about only the lead characters here. They make sure that the actors that come on screen even for a few seconds leave a mark on the audience. One such character in this season was Vinod. What a performance! This is what they say about the length of a role. Your role doesn’t define you, how well you play it defines you. I am sure this guy is a powerhouse of talent. 

For the ones who haven’t seen Panchayat S2 yet, thanks to the MLA, Sachivji might get transferred to another village soon. Would that be the opening plot for Panchayat Season 3? Will we have to bid adieu to Pradhanji and his wonderful team? Let’s wait and watch..

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