Never Kiss Your Best Friend S2 Review: The Writers Clearly Do Not Know What Their Characters Want From Their Lives. It’s An Emotionally Immature Show

I am glad that Never Kiss Your Best Friend S2 is less crappy than season 1. But it is still not worth your time. When actors like Jaaved Jafferi and Niki Aneja Walia are treated like extras, you already know the fate of such series. 

There was a lot of scope for S2 to be better than S1 if the story wouldn’t have introduced sub-plots like Bittu Mama and Sangeeta’s love story and romantic involvements of protagonists with other people. Nothing looked natural. It looked like the writers were confused about the plot from the very beginning. They wrote simply because something had to be written. From the reason behind the break-up to Tanie’s Mom’s involvement in the post-break up drama, nothing was smooth. Forget about the smooth transitions in the story, it didn’t even make sense. 

The director is also to be blamed here. He has paid absolutely no attention to the performances. That too would have made it a little bearable. There is a scene where Sumer breaks down in front of Tanie and her Mom for betraying him. The ladies have performed pathetically in the scene. Overall their performance wasn’t great but this scene had extra-ordinary demands that they failed to meet. 

If there is anything worth watching in this show, it’s Nakuul Mehta and Karan Wahi’s performances. In a show like Never Kiss Your Best Friend S2, both the actors have delivered their performances with utter honesty and sincerity. 

You must now be wanting to know the story. Please don’t ask me that. The best friends weren’t entering each other’s bedrooms while the one of them was having sex or weren’t accompanying the other in the WC. Thank god for that. But when it comes to the story, I am primarily talking about the main twists here – the story is very immature, both logically and emotionally. 

The first twist is Tanie and Sumer’s break-up story. Tanie walks out of the relationship because she sees him kissing another girl who she has been feeling insecure about for quite some time. The reason behind the kiss was that the girl, who is also Sumer’s friend, was feeling affection towards him and hence decided to kiss him. The boy isn’t shown to be shooing the girl or her intentions away. He takes her advances very calmly. But when the truth is told, the writers expect both Tanie and the audience to take it casually and blame Tanie for walking away from Sumer’s life. 

It’s all casual, you know. 

The second twist is when Tanie is convinced that she still loves Sumer. The girl goes ahead and expresses the same to Sumer after her current boyfriend, Karan decides to walk out of the relationship as he believes that she is still emotionally invested in her ex. And the next moment when Sumer too is convinced that he is still in love with Tanie, this girl goes and tells Karan all the reasons why she loves him. She then reads out an essay to Sumer about how the same love can be felt for a friend but that doesn’t mean she is romantically interested in him. S2 then ends with a plot for S3. Why S3? Because Sumer believes that if ladki palti toh pyaar karti hai…

You still want to watch Never Kiss Your Best Friend S2? No, right? Wise decision, I must say. 

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