Mai A Mother’s Rage Review: This Supposed To Be Intelligent Trapping Of Criminals By A Ferocious Mother Story Lacks Both – Intelligence And Ferociousness

Firstly, the industry should stop giving Sakshi Tanwar repetitive characters. Take Dangal, Ghar ki Murgi, or now, Mai for example – from her looks to her role, everything looks identical. 

Secondly, this web series is Atul Mongia’s directorial debut and it shows. Though he has shouldered most of the directorial and writing responsibilities, according to a Gadgets360 article, he has split the duties with others who are also newbies. 

So do not expect much, or to be honest, anything from this web series. It’s dull and uninteresting. Most of the time, it’s also confusing. 

Like most other web series, Mai is also written keeping next season in mind and hence, the writer/director has avoided giving details of the story in this season making it look incomplete. 

From the very beginning, the story crawls. Just like Love Hostel, you can watch the first episode and then jump to the last one to know what happened in between.

Mai has also ended with an expected twist hoping that it would shock the viewers but, unfortunately, it doesn’t. I am not sure whether I or anyone else, for that matter, would want to watch Mai Season 2 to find and fix the missing pieces of this puzzle. 

Direction is, undoubtedly, weak but writing too has loopholes. You will find yourself asking several questions while watching the show but won’t get any answers. 

Performances sometimes save such shows but this isn’t the case with Mai. Even the scenes where Sheel or her husband is having a breakdown are so dull that you don’t feel the pain of these characters. The emotional intensity of the scenes look forced and unnecessary. Now that is completely the director’s fault. 

To wrap Mai Review in one line, I would say it’s not worth your time. If you are suffering from insomnia then you can watch it for a while to put yourself to sleep.

P.S: If you want to watch a sensible story about a mother’s revenge, watch/rewatch MOM instead of Mai

Streaming On: Netflix


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