Gullak 3 Review: Never Expected This From A Feel-Good Series Like Gullak; It Made Me Cry

I watched the first show of Gullak 3 that is from 12 AM to around 2:30 AM and trust me, I slept with a smile on my face. Is that contradicting my headline? Yes, it is! But the last episode of Gullak 3 which I would like to talk about first gives you a heart attack and it, undoubtedly, makes you cry. This is not what you expect from Gullak, do you? You start biting your nails, you have tears in your eyes, you start shaking in your seat not knowing what’s going to happen next – basically, you are an emotional mess.

I will not tell you anything about it as I want you to watch the show but that episode is so frightening – heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. There is so much to say about Izzat Ki Chamkaar episode but still, I will resist the urge to give away more than I should and keep my mouth shut. When you watch this episode, just observe this scene -> As the father sleeps on the bed and the mother is resting her head on the same bed while sitting on a chair as the camera is focusses on the kids, notice how the father is resting his palm is on her head while still asleep. Body language speaks more than words. This small action which is out of focus says a lot about the love and bond this couple shares. These details is what make shows like Gullak stand out from the rest, and probably, make them the best.

When it comes to sequels, makers always rope in new characters and the show starts losing its charm as the original characters are then sidelined. In Gullak 2, Bittu Ki Mummy had a hatke musical entry and we instantly fell in love with her (She was equally annoying in this season though. Family dinner mein kaun ghusta hai yaar?) Anyway, I still love her for the dhum dhadaka dance in the S2, so let’s move on. In Gullak 3, episode 3 introduced a pretty young girl to the audience and we got to see a new side of Annu ki Mummy. Though for a very short time, it feels so good to see this always in the kitchen lady find a friend in this girl who she is also so protective of.

What makes Gullak different from all other series is the way they avoid unnecessary drama even around the most complicated subjects. The episode, Agua ended on a simple note where a girl’s no need not come with an explanation attached to it. She has the freedom to listen to what her heart says and decide for herself, irrespective of her age. And put the spotlight on Annu ki Mummy here, please. In this entire episode, she was so subtle and soft but at the same time, strong and ready to take on the world for that little girl. Amazing!

How can I not mention our hero of the season, Annu Mishra. The way his character has transformed in this season 3 – from planning to buy branded shoes to stepping into his father’s chappals, quite literally, is so beautiful. Not just the character’s transformation but Vaibhav Raj Gupta’s performance. The scenes between the siblings have always been relatable and hilarious but I have now started to notice the way he looks at his younger brother with different emotions at different times. Even in the last episode, the way he knocks on the door when his father doesn’t open the door – the sudden switch from calm to crazy – it gives you goosebumps. What a fine actor!

You know what’s the real beauty of this show? That the cast actually feels like a family. Nothing looks unreal. Not even for a moment it feels like these are different actors who have come together for a show. It feels like you are watching a family in their day to day lives.

A standing ovation to the writers and directors of Gullak for writing a show so well every single time. The voice-over, it’s the USP of the show. If I could, I would have given one extra award to the writers only for the script written for this voice-over.

I would end this review with India Today’s headline, In a World of Wannabe Mirzapurs, be a Gullak.

P.S: Parivaaar ka naam toh Aman Mishra hi roshan karega

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