Bridgerton Season 2 Review: If You Have Grown Up Watching Bollywood Movies, Please Skip This Season.. You Have Already Seen It All!

Bridgerton season 2 is exactly what we, in India, are fed up of watching – a predictable love story! As the show progressed, it constantly reminded me of three movies – Roja, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, and HumTum (for just a scene, that is). Why am I referring to these movies? To answer your question, let me quickly walk you through the Bridgerton Season 2 story.

Bridgerton Season 2 Story

The focus of Bridgerton season 2 is the Sharma sisters from India, Kate and Edwina Sharma. Firstly, these are not Indian names. Then, as I saw a meme on Facebook, it did hit me that the Sharma sisters speak Marathi as well among themselves while addressing their father as Appa. Other than these minor (wrong) details, there is nothing Indian about the sisters. They look unnaturally brown, especially Kate Sharma. Throughout the show, I kept wondering what is wrong with this girl’s makeup, is it the eyebrows or something on her face that I am not able to figure out? By the end of it, I realised that her entire face is painted in the same tone which is an incorrect portrayal of Indian women. If skin colour was so important, then here is a fact: We come in all shades! There was no need to force paint woman brown just to make her look Indian. 

Moving on, Kate is the elder sister who has come to the ball with her Mother to hunt a groom for her half-sister, Edwina. As Edwina is chosen as this season’s diamond by the Queen, Anthony Bridgerton tries his best to impress Edwina so that she chooses him over others. Anthony, like our typical Bollywood heroes, doesn’t believe in love. His father’s sudden death transformed him from a boy to man overnight. Since then, all he cares about is his duty as the man of the house. 

Anthony Bridgerton’s mother, Violet Bridgerton goes through a breakdown and a period of depression after her husband’s death which is another reason why Anthony prefers to stay away from love as he thinks he cannot afford to be vulnerable. On the other side, there is Kate Sharma, Edwina’s sister, who is Anothony’s male version. 

I hope you have guessed the plot by now. You are right! Anthony proposes to Edwina as she seems to be the right match for the family but falls head over heels in love with her elder sister, Kate. At first, both of them resist the relationship but eventually, everything falls into place and then Anthony and Kate marry each other and live happily ever after.

What seems absurd and way too filmy was the way Edwina wants her sister Kate to spend more time with Anthony as Kate doesn’t seem to like him much. The younger sister then starts stepping aside and starts making arrangements for the duo to spend more time together, just so that Kate develops a good rapport with Anthony. 

There is this one scene that reminded me of Mujhse Dosti Karoge when Anthony visits Edwina with a jeweller to take the measurement of her finger for the engagement ring. He soons finds out that Edwina is not home and so the jeweller suggests that he can take Kate’s finger’s measurement because both the sister’s share their gloves. 

Bridgerton season 2 also reminded me of Hum Tum when Kate Sharma after making out with Anthony Bridgerton decides to walk away from him soon after he proposes marriage to her. What’s the reason? She thinks that he doesn’t love her but is offering marriage only because he has had sex with her. Remember, Rani Mukherjee gives the same reason for walking away from Saif Ali Khan in Hum Tum?

Almost every scene will remind you of one or the other scene from some or the other Bollywood movie. You could already tell what the end is going to be and the show ends exactly the same way. 

Sharma Sisters in Bridgerton 2

Edwina and Kate Sharma were the characters who shouldered the responsibility of making this season a hit. In that case, the actors too should have been excellent. Unfortunately, both the girls lacked exactly what their characters demanded from them. While Edwina’s innocence looks forced and fake, Kate’s strength, at times, looks psychotic, especially when she gets upset and starts shaking her head. 

Even if the performances would have been up to the mark, the season would have become bearable. 

Simon and Daphne in Bridgerton 2

I missed Simon and Daphne in this season. Not just the characters but their love and also, their chemistry. I so wished we would have gotten to see the same chemistry between Anthony and Kate this season. Even their love seemed forced. 

Daphne is still a part of this season but you get to see her only in a few scenes. But yes, her character has transformed from a girl to a woman and that transformation is well written and portrayed. You enjoy seeing Daphne as Anthony’s well-wisher and confidante in the series. 

What Happens to Edwina Sharma in the End? Who Does She Marry?

In another Bollywood twist, the Queen develops a soft corner for Edwina Sharma as she handles a critical situation involving the King sensitively. The Queen then proposes that Edwina meets her nephew, also a Prince as he is single and available. So we know that Edwina has already found a new suitor. 

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