Undekhi S2 Review: The Writers Have Changed And It Clearly Shows; Poor Writing Brutally Murdered The Show

Undekhi S1 writing was not just gripping but also intelligent and different. There was not a single dull moment in the series. If you have never experienced ‘nail biting’ or ‘edge-of-the-seat’ drama before, then you must watch this series. It keeps you hooked from beginning to the very end. 

What made me look for the writers in the show’s credits was the frequent silly mistakes that were non-existent in season 1. Also, the way the show and the story was let loose made me curious about what’s gone wrong and where? Many web series have made this mistake previously. They revamped their core team for the next season and booommm… everything went downhill. 

SonyLIV has delivered excellent content before and after Scam 1992 which did not garner a lot of eyeballs, thanks to their comparatively lower marketing budgets. Undekhi was one of those finest shows that, whether media spoke about or not, whoever watched it instantly fell in love with it. For the show’s loyal fans who have waited so long for season 2, this is disappointing. 

While the first grave mistake is the new team of writers, the second is Nandish Sandhu. That guy is unbearable. His accent and his acting, both make you change the channel. Again, if I compare it with season 1, we had Abhishek Chauhan, Harsh Chhaya, and Surya Sharma who constantly made you feel anxious and uneasy. Abhishek Chauhan did Rishi so well that the villains effortlessly looked cruel and barbaric. I missed him in this season.

Harsh Chhaya and Surya Sharma are still the same but speaking of other actors in S2 once again, we did not just have Nandish Sandhu but also Anchal Singh as Teji who fails to give any expression while expressing herself. Teji is one of the strongest characters in the show. A woman who is ready to walk away from the love of her life as soon as she gets to know his family background. When she is forced to marry him, she is all set to face the consequences but fight for justice, come what may. Though she is scared, she is fearless. The fact is that Anchal Singh cannot act. I really wonder how did she bagged such a powerful role. If she is getting strong characters to play with these kind of acting skills, then I think before she accepts such challenging roles, she should first get her basics right. At least, learn to be expressive. Luck won’t favour her for long.

Since there is nothing much to talk about this season apart from writing and performances, let me wrap up this review here and go watch other latest releases so that I can tell you whether you should watch the show or skip the show. 

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