The Great Indian Murder Review: Pratik Gandhi Has Been Used Only As A Packaging To Sell A ‘Nonsensical’ Show

If you want to watch The Great Indian Murder for Pratik Gandhi, as this is his first OTT show after Scam 1992, I would suggest you watch Scam 1992 again but not this show. It might not straight away bore you to death, but will surely make you bang your head against the wall once it ends. Because that is when you will realise that you sat this long for such a foolish outcome and turn of events. It’s not a short show to forgive them for their sins. They have dared to make 9 episodes that are approximately 40 to 50 minutes long. 

Let’s talk a bit about its story so that you get an idea of why this show is next level stupidity. So, Vicky Rai, son of Jagannath Rai, a politician is shot in his own party. The gates are then closed so that no guest could go out and police could look for a weapon, if any. As the police look for evidence, they find two people with guns in the party, one – a waiter and second, a tribal from Andaman who is later called a Naxalite. 

As the story progresses, the makers want us to believe that among the following people, anyone could be the murderer since they have reasons to kill Vicky Rai.

  1. Jagannath Rai, Vicky Rai’s father
  2. Mohan Kumar, Vicky Rai’s rival

But the men who are found with weapons are Munna, the guy who entered the party as a waiter and Eketi, the tribal guy from Andaman who was found with the gun. 

Now, the entire story and case revolves mainly around the three suspects – Munna, Eketi, and Mohan Kumar. 

That’s one part of the story, let’s talk about the other angle now:

Vicky Rai has been in the police custody for the last 3 years as dead bodies of minor girls were found in his car. Now the back story of these murders is that Vicky brings home a foreign business associate for whom he arranges minor girls (you know for what). In the morning, Vicky’s house help wakes him up and breaks the news of murder. The associate seems to have fled the location. Why did the associate murder the girls? You never get the answer. But Vicky is put behind bars for the crime. My question is, being a Minister’s son and a businessman himself, didn’t he have cameras setup at home? Couldn’t he prove that the murders were not committed by him? Anyway, when Vicky is about to be punished for the murders, fresh evidence is produced in the court of law by bribing all the officials involved and Vicky is declared not guilty. 

As Vicky’s case gets media attention and the entire nation wanted him to be punished, Jagannath Rai’s party now denies him the position of Home Minister. To set things right, Jagannath asks Vicky to lend him some money which Vicky denies and asks him to retire. In a fit of rage, Jagannath asks his close associate to murder his only son. 

Jagannath Rai, then with the help of another influential personality tries to trap the CM in his son’s murder case, as he denied him the position of HM. Now, to build the story that presents itself as evidence against the CM, Suraj Yadav (Pratik Gandhi) is appointed. Suraj Yadav then asks Sudha Bharadwaj (Richa Chadha) to assist him in the case. Sudha Bharadwaj is one of the police officers who was bribed to prove that Vicky Rai is innocent in the minor girls’ murder case. Though she took the money for her husband’s treatment and simply followed her senior’s instructions, she always wanted Vicky Rai to be behind bars. 

On one side, we have Sudha Bharadwaj, who is committed to find the facts; on the other side, we have Suraj Yadav who is busy building a fake story, unnecessarily pulling in both Munna and Eketi along with Champi, Munna’s sister and some other residents of slum. Most of them are also killed to add more weightage to the story.  

After all this unnecessary drama, Ashok Rajput turns out to be the killer. Who is Ashok Rajput? A tribal officer who had brought Eketi to Vicky Rai’s house from Andaman, promising him to find him the tribal community’s stolen lord, Ingetayi’s idol. A similar looking idol is then kept in Vicky Rai’s party so that Eketi can steal it. After Vicky is shot, Ashok Rajput, right in front of Eketi, puts the gun in his bag and asks him to leave. But Eketi doesn’t know that Ashok has put the gun in his bag. I mean, is this a joke?

My question here is, is anyone allowed to enter a VIP’s party without a pass or any other security check? People, both known and unknown are entering the party with guns and no one caught them? What was the security doing then? And if it was this simple to enter Vicky Rai’s party and kill him in a crowded place, why did Ashok bring Eketi from Andaman? If he simply wanted to put the gun in someone else’s bag after the murder, that person could have been anyone but a tribal from Andaman.

When a project has names like Ajay Devgn and Tigamanshu Dhulia attached to it, at least the foolishness should have some class (and sense, of course). This was highly disappointing. 

On top of it, Ashok Rajput is shown going back home to marry his widowed sister-in-law as a license to have sex with her now that they have taken the revenge of his brother’s murder. It was all so nonsensical.

I don’t know why these big budget web series are writing stories that are set in a template. They break the story in bits and pieces, try to bring them together at the end of the series, and deliver an ending that they think will shock the audience. But not everyone can handle the complexities of broken stories. They mess it all up. They forget so many pieces in between that towards the end, all you have is a series that has neither a head nor a tail. 

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