420 IPC Review: Intelligent Writing Steals The Show

The hero of the film, 420 IPC, is clearly its writing. Other factors that contribute to the success of a film, like performances and direction, are all ok. There is nothing extraordinary about this film but I would still recommend it because it’s worth a watch. 

Instead of the latest release, Atrangi Re, I suggest you watch this Vinay Pathak’s film. It won’t disappoint you for sure. What’s it all about?

420 IPC is a courtroom drama where CA Bansi Keswani (Vinay Pathak) is accused of forgery and theft. When 3 cheques go missing from one of his client’s cheque book while he was in his office and no office staff is found guilty, the Police heads straight to Bansi’s office where the cheques are found in one of his files. Bansi is then arrested and sent to judicial custody.

The trial begins and what unfolds is intriguing. It keeps you hooked and wanting to know what’s next for Bansi Keswani. Where at times, you empathise with Bansi knowing in your heart that he is being framed; other times, you can’t help but wonder if he is truly innocent. 

420 IPC is completely a writer’s film but what disappointed me is that the focus remained only on the writing and hence it couldn’t become a superhit film even after having everything it needed to fall into that category. The narration of the story for the film seems to be a little slow and not building any anxiety in the audience. Courtroom dramas feel the best when they want you to be attentive and alert. Similarly, the performances are not up to the mark except that of Ranvir Shorey. Even though the story revolved around Vinay pathak’s character, he did not have much to do other than being present in most of the frames. But yes, if there is someone who makes an impact or stands out in this ordinary looking film, it’s undoubtedly Ranvir Shorey. 

Then we have Rohan Vinod Mehra, who is playing Birbal Chaudhary, Bansi Keswani’s lawyer. 

another important character in the film. His straight face and robotic dialogue delivery is one of the reasons why 420 IPC looks and sounds dull at places. He was a key character who could have turned it all around with his performance. It was also the director’s duty to make things right. At places, even the dubbing seemed a little off. For example, if two people are talking in the same courtroom, one person’s voice seems way too loud, close, and clear while the other person’s voice seems distant and unclear when compared to the first person. If these tiny details would have been taken care of, then 420 IPC could have clearly been one of the remarkable movies of 2021. 

After all is said and done, if I have to rate this movie, I would still give it an 8 on 10 for its outstanding ending and wonderful writing. 

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