Rashmi Rocket Review: It’s Not Just Dutee Chand’s Story; It’s Every Female Athlete’s Story Who Wasn’t Considered a Woman

Finally, a Zee5 film that is a complete package. I am so glad that this film was released on Zee5. This streaming platform has a lot of potential and can beat many major players in the country only if the content acquisition team understands that not only the subject but its execution also matters. 

Coming to the film, it’s a subject that needed to be brought to light. Other than cricket, we never come to know what other players in our country go through. They struggle on every level – from making ends meet to chasing their dream of becoming a sportsperson. Yet, when they make it to the national/international level against all odds, they make sure that they don’t just lead but also win the race. 

When people with privilege come across such players who make it to the finishing line just by playing well and fair, they do everything in their power to destroy their career. One such story is Rashmi Rocket where the board member whose daughter is also an athlete starts to lose against Rashmi Vira. He then orders for a gender test to declare that Rashmi isn’t woman enough to be competing against other women. Reason? High testosterone levels! Apart from the gender test, the way she is treated during the medical checkup can clearly be called a plan to humiliate her and break her mentally so that she quits the game. 

After Rashmi Vira is declared ‘not a woman’ and disqualified for the same reason, she decides to step back and not run in the future. Later, advocate Eeshit, along with her family tries to convince her to take legal action against the association and fight for justice, not only for herself but also for other female athletes who have suffered the same fate. 

Through the case, the film explains what gender test is, the process and why it is done. The film then questions its authenticity and need. 

Rashmi Rocket picks up pace after the gender test twist in the story, especially after Abhishek Banerjee and Supriya Pilgaonkar’s entry. 

Abhishek Banerjee as an amateur lawyer and Supriya Pilgaonkar as a Judge are fantastic. These two characters make the film entertaining. It’s safe to say that the second part of the film saved it. First half wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Priyanshu Painyuli as Captain Gagan Thakur too was impressive. One thing I would still like to mention is about the ease of body language. When he first appears on the screen, it looks like he is putting a lot of effort into adopting an army man’s body language and mannerisms but as the film progresses, it makes it all look smooth and natural. 

One thing I thought works against the film is Tapsee Pannu’s running scenes in the first half of the film. She is said to be the faster runner but is shown running at a normal speed. That doesn’t go down well. Calling her ‘rocket’ when she is running like every other person seems a little forced and dramatic. 

If we keep that aside, Rashmi Rocket is a good watch. 

Streaming On: Zee5

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