Netflix Smart Downloads: Did You Know About Netflix’s Auto-Download Feature?

Downloading content is one of the best ways to access your favourite content whenever you want to. Suppose you know you are going to travel at a place where you might not get good internet connectivity or might face connectivity issues while traveling to work by public transport. For days like these, you download content and access it even when your network doesn’t support streaming. 

But do you have time to screen content and download it to watch it whenever you are free? If not, then don’t you worry. Netflix’s ‘Smart Downloads’ feature now auto-downloads recommended content for you.


 Just like Netflix recommends new content to you based on your watch history, it will now auto-download the content it thinks you might like. 

When it comes to the webseries you are watching, Netflix will auto-download the next episode of the series and auto-delete it when you are done watching. The streaming platform will then download the following episode. 

How to enable smart downloads?

Open Netflix on your Android device. 


Click on TURN ON


Your SMART DOWNLOADS feature is now enabled. Once you click on Set Up, Netflix will start auto-downloading content for you. A small, circle appears in the corner that shows the progress of your download.

In the above image, everything you see under DOWNLOADS FOR YOU is auto-downloaded by Netflix after enabling the SMART DOWNLOADS feature.

If you didn’t know about this feature, go and try it now and let me know what you think of it.

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