Amazon miniTV App: How to Download Amazon’s Free Streaming Service, Exclusive Content, and More

Firstly, though it’s called Amazon miniTV “app”, it is not a separate app that you can download from Play Store or App Store. 

You will find Amazon miniTV in your Amazon shopping app. Yes, you read that right. Till I came across a trailer of a Kaali Peeli short film shared by one of the actresses I follow on Instagram, I had no idea about this streaming service, even though I frequently use Amazon for shopping. So, where to find miniTV? 

If you are lucky, you will find it on the home page banner (which is very rare). I got to see the banner ad just once. But it’s right there, on the home page. See the screenshot to find miniTV on your Amazon shopping app. 

Is Amazon miniTV app available on the desktop?

No! You won’t find this service integrated within the desktop app. If you Google it, the miniTV dedicated page will direct you to a page that will ask you to download the Amazon app. 

Content on Amazon miniTV app

Like most other streaming platforms, Amazon miniTV is trying to bring most of the popular content to the platform – FREE OF COST. You will find most of the TVF shows here like Yeh Meri Family, Tripling season 2, Permanent Roommates among others. Arre’s Official Chukyagiri, Official CEOgiri, and Official Bhootiyagiri have also made it to the platform. 

When it comes to Exclusive content, you have Kaali Peeli Tales where you get to watch six short films revolving around love and relationships. Then there is comedy where Amazon has roped in influencers like Saloni Gaur, Dolly Singh, Prajakta Koli, Amit Bhadana, Be YouNick, and others for original content.

This free streaming service from Amazon is in its initial stages so I am not expecting much from it now. You know what happened with Flipkart Video. No, actually no one knows what happened with Flipkart Video.

Anyway, to be honest, I am tired of the same content being distributed through different apps. I don’t think this strategy is going to work for any streaming platform in the long run. It feels like there are a hundred theatres out there but all are showing the same film. But yes, the only good part about this app is that almost everyone has an Amazon shopping app on their phones. So you can turn to Amazon miniTV app for some quick entertainment while traveling. The best part is you don’t have to pay for it. 

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