Disney+ Hotstar Quix: Hotstar Adopts ‘Itne Paise Mein Itnaich Milega’ Attitude

If you are an avid follower of OTT platforms, you must be well aware of Disney+ Hotstar Quix. For the ones who still don’t know what it is, here’s a quick update. 

With Quix, Hotstar has ventured into FREE content. Yes, with Quix, Hotstar brings original content to the platform for which you will not be charged a single penny. These web series release one episode daily. Whichever web series you pick, the episodes range between 10-15 minutes. There might even be episodes shorter than this as the plan is to serve the audience some quick content. 

But as you watch this free content, you realise that nothing worth having comes free of cost. All the Quix series feels like a slap on your face. It gives you a feeling like Hotstar is saying, ‘le beta, yahi aukaat hai teri… bada aata free content maangne wala.’ The quality of these series is so bad that you better go for a walk in your lunch break than watch an episode of any of the Quix series. 

I watched Murder Meri Jaan and Risky Ishq. Both were truly cringe-worthy. I then gathered courage and warned myself to not judge the content simply on the basis of two web series. So I started to watch Bamini and Boys. And then I was like… Why do I always put myself through such trauma? In the next few minutes, my laptop was turned off. I took a deep breath and meditated for a while to let my mind process what has just happened. 

I mean, I do not expect such low-quality, absolutely no effort in content selection approach from a platform like Hotstar. Digital has set a very high standard for original content. We have short films that speak volumes in just a minute. In an era like this, what makes you think you can get away with series so poorly made? 

I have just one message for Hotstar when it comes to Quix, please 


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