Just Kissing is Not Love: Spoken Word Poetry by Megha Rao

I was glued to it the moment she said, “I kiss you like I’m falling in love, and I know, this is where men run away.” After a long time, I found a spoken word poetry that kept me hooked.

Just Kissing in Not Love is about love, heartbreak, and the ‘leftover’ feelings thereafter. The poem is that, and much more than that. When Megha Rao says, ‘And I hope you found a girl who kisses you like it’s not love,’ you know it’s also about the bittersweet revenge that a broken heart seeks – forever! Well, the broken heart’s revenge is also laced with love, isn’t it?

Megha Rao’s creation, Just Kissing is Not Love tells you a story of most women who fall in love with men who do not fall back in love; about the men who are emotionally unavailable. It’s about men who are either players or simply not interested, other than getting physical with you. But just like movies, the girl falls in love, head over heels with the guy, even after repeated warnings from him (also, the red flags). And then, one day, the un’IMAGINABLE’ and un’EXPECTED’ happens. He walks away like it never mattered, because the truth of the matter is that IT NEVER MATTERED (to him), and she is left feeling cold on summer nights where ideally she should sweat, but all she feels is the chills.

Just Kissing is Not Love is a carefully crafted poetry that has very well put forth the emotions a woman goes through when she loses the love of her life, especially when that loss feels like betrayal. In 4 minutes, the poet has covered an entire story – from falling in love to parting ways. Yet, you do not miss a vital part of the story. You understand the events one after the other.

When you listen to the poet speak about a broken heart, it takes you back to that one person who you loved very much but isn’t a part of your life anymore. It reminds you of the emptiness that loss had brought along making you vulnerable once again.

For all the poetry lovers out there, Just Kissing is Not Love by Megha Rao is something you should definitely watch.

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