2 Thought-Provoking Kalki Koechlin Short Films You Must Watch

I discovered these 2 old Kalki Koechlin’s short films on YouTube. They are as good as you think of them. Now, what does that mean? When you first watch it, you may not instantly like it but they will make you sit back and think about it. Since both the films are open-ended films, you either figure out what message the films are giving away or come up with the one you feel is apt. 

Before we move ahead, both the films are just 15-minute long. 

Which are those films?


If you are tired of the corporate world, you must definitely watch this film. This Filmfare nominated short film was released 2 years ago on the Flying Dreams Entertainment channel. In this 14-minute short film, Kalki is seen lost, lost to a level where the audience starts feeling worried and wondering what might be the plot. Has she been raped? Has she been fired from the job? Has her boss misbehaved? Has she committed a crime? Or is she a victim of a heinous crime? What is making her go into her shell? 

But then there is a plot twist. There is no crime there but still, there is a murder involved. What has been murdered and by whom? And why this murder cannot be counted as a crime? 

The Job will answer all these questions. Many of us will relate to the story, only once you figure it out. Watch this film and let me know how you interpret it. 


This 15-minute film for me is about emotional abuse and manipulation. Along with Kalki, this film features Gulshan Devaiah and Monica Dogra. 

This short film very smartly talks about manipulation. Having said that, this again has an ending which lets you have your own interpretation. Where the whole film talks about Kalki’s husband’s flirtatious behaviour with other women which annoys her to the extent where she orders him to leave the party immediately, the following scenes, in support of the husband, tries to convince us that Gulshan Devaiah is not really the culprit. But then comes a twist in the story, a phone call which changes the way you look at the woman who till then looked obsessed with the husband, and also, a little insane for doubting his intention. 

That call opens a can of worms which will make every woman think about at least one similar relationship in her life where she doubted her own sanity for trusting her intuition. 

Watch this film and again, let me know in the comments below how you interpreted its end. 

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