Well Done Baby Review: Good Storyline, Weak Performances, Poor Direction

After a long time, there was a fresh Marathi release on the OTT platform. For everyone who is missing Marathi films can quench their thirst with Well Done Baby. Not a great movie though, it’s a one-time watch. As I said in the headline, the plot was really good. Simple storyline that Marathi audience usually adores, a family film to aptly describe.  

What went wrong then? The performances and direction. It didn’t turn out the film that the story demanded from it – an emotional roller-coaster yet a feel-good film. To explain it better, let me quickly walk you through the plot of the film.

Well Done Baby is Aditya and Meera’s story. A married couple who is regularly visiting a marriage counsellor to save their marriage. Their differences are not unmanageable but since both the partners are busy with their own lives, they do not get enough time to take care of the issues at hand. The only worrisome issue in their relationship is Meera’s mother’s interference in their life. The lady is also living with the couple so there is absolutely no privacy when it comes to the ‘couple matters.’ 

Tired of trying to find a solution, the couple thinks that the only way out of this is separation. As they start taking their divorce seriously, the couple finds out that Meera is pregnant. Now the debate starts whether the child should be kept or aborted, as Meera doesn’t want her child to grow up without a father, just like she did. In that case, if the couple separates, Meera decides to abort the child. But Aditya wants to give this relationship another chance and keep the baby. 

What happens between the couple during this time and whether their differences get resolved or  the decision to keep the baby becomes a burden is what the story is all about. 

When the couple who has not fallen out of love but is yet on the verge of divorce has just found out that they are expecting a baby; their emotions are definitely going to run high. The lows are going to be low and the highs are going to be calming in times of turmoil. This emotional up and down was missing in the story. The curve just didn’t change. In a story like that, the curve remained straight throughout which made the film lose its charm. This is not only actors’ fault, though their performances were not also something that you would count on, when it comes to saving the film. Here, powerful direction was needed. Many times, when the direction is good, it covers up for poor performances. Unfortunately, Well Done Baby had none. 

Should you watch the film? If you are really missing a Marathi film which you can watch with your family, then go for it. But yes, watch without expectations.

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