Gullak 2 Review: It’s Safe to Open this KISSO KA GULLAK

The second season is rarely better than the first. Fortunately, Gullak 2 is that web series that is better than the first season. If you remember what I said in the Gullak Season 1 review, you would know I was neutral about the show. Neither did I not like it, nor did I like it much. The reason was simple. When it comes to slice-of-life dramas, I thought there are better shows out there. For example, Home and Yeh Meri Family. 

At one point, I had also felt that North Indians would love it more than others as they would be able to relate to it. This time, the show has changed a bit, in a good way though. You, me, and everyone else can relate to not just the story but also the emotions the characters feel. For example, the panicky state of the family when they get to know that Shanti has diabetes. Then Shanti’s outburst when she makes the family realize that the concern shouldn’t be just on the surface. If they want her to be healthy, greater support should come from them. Not just hers, but for her to stay fit, their lifestyle too should change. 

Season 2’s writing is intelligent. There are some scenes that make you laugh out loud, and then there are a few that may actually bring tears to your eyes, especially the last “family photo” scene. The subjects chosen for each episode are the show’s USP. When you make a slice-of-life show, it is important to pick incidents from daily life. As simple as it may sound, it is one of the most difficult jobs to do. What if I tell you to write an entire 30-minute episode on the breakfast, or let’s say, a nap after a heavy lunch? Sounds interesting, right? But when it comes to revolving everyone’s life around this one little happening from daily life, trust me, it makes the writers sweat “blood drops.” This only ‘sounds’ interesting, when it comes to ‘making it interesting,’ you need to OBSERVE, OBSERVE, and OBSERVE. Once the observation is done, you then add humor to the food and sleep. Try doing it once and you will understand why am I calling the writers and the writing intelligent here. From a woman who is sure that nothing can go wrong with her health given the fact that she is running around the house the entire day to making the audience understand that if your mother is not fit or healthy, then your lifestyle is to be blamed for it, and not her own. 

I also liked the political tadka added to Annu’s life. This happens with most of the middle-class boys who want to quickly climb the ladder of success. They feel that it’s their parents’ “no corruption, no locha lafda” way of living that they couldn’t make it big in life. They even hate their parents for a while for being so naive and cautious about everything they do in life. But then, reality hits. And it hits hard. That is when these boys realise how their parents have always been right, and sometimes, happiness and togetherness is more important than money and success. 

You will find many such sweet “KISSE” in the entire series. Find your own and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below. 

This weekend, it’s safe to break this KISSO KA GULLAK. 

And yes, a special mention to Jameel Khan for excellent performance. Expect an article soon just on his part in Gullak 2. 

Speaking of the performances, everyone has undoubtedly performed exceptionally well; so well, that they look like a actual family. But still, if someone stole my heart, it’s Papa and I will tell you when and why in my next article. 

P.S: Don’t forget to pay special attention to Bittu ki Mummy’s entry (dance). If laughter can melt your heart, then this performance will. 

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