The Digital Popcorn Turns 2

The Digital Popcorn turned 2 on 24th December 2020. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and subscribers who inspire me to keep writing. Special thanks to Prashant B, Vikram Karmani, and Mridula Chitnis for showing their constant support by liking most of the posts on this blog. Also others who are with The Digital Popcorn almost since it started: You guys know who are. Thank you for being being here. Thank you for being awesome. 

This post was mainly for my readers. Other than that, I would simply repeat what I said last year:

What an incredible journey! I invest very little in this blog but what I get in return is something I will never be able to put into words. 

Whenever someone reaches out to me personally, simply to thank me for noticing and appreciating his/her work, the way it makes me feel is again something I cannot find words for. 

In these past 2 years, I have observed how underappreciated performers and content creators are. Not everyone gets their due, regardless of the efforts they put in. In the coming years, The Digital Popcorn will strive hard to recognize talent and appreciate it on the platform. 

I hope more people join The Digital Popcorn on its journey and together we celebrate the world of entertainment while giving its contributors all the love they deserve.

P.S: The good news is that the The Digital Popcorn’s traffic doubled this year. 


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