How to Watch Scam 1992 Online for FREE with Flipkart

Firstly, this is not a sponsored post. How to “watch Scam 1992 free online” is one of the top trending searches on the web today. So I thought why not share this small tip with people so that they can try Sony LIV and watch one of the top-rated series for free before actually buying the subscription. 

Since most of the digital content lovers have already subscribed to Netflix, Prime Video, or Hotstar, or have purchased multiple subscriptions, they are now finding it difficult to buy Sony LIV’s subscription just for 1 series. In that case, let me tell you that Sony LIV Premium is absolutely worth your money. Apart from the Scam 1992 web series, it has some outstanding content like Undekhi and Ram Singh Charlie. 

But still, it’s better to try before you buy. So here is how to watch the Scam 1992 web series for free with Flipkart. 

Shopping has always meant ‘expenses,’ or spending money. It seldom rewards you. But if you are a frequent Flipkart shopper, then this is about to change. For every purchase, Flipkart gives you coins in return. Once you accumulate a certain number of coins, you become eligible for Flipkart Plus membership. And this is where all the perks come in. 

Once you become a Flipkart Plus member, all you have to do is, go to your profile icon and from the drop-down, select Flipkart Plus zone to see what rewards you are eligible for. This depends on the number of Flipkart coins you have collected. Here is how the OTT subscription rewards section for streaming platforms subscription look: 

Click on this banner and then look for the entertainment section:

When you click on VIEW ALL, a list of all the offers related to the entertainment sector will open. From here, you can select Sony LIV’s 1 year, 6-months, or any other relevant subscription offer available in this list. 

As you can see in the above image, currently 2 offers are available on Sony LIV. As none of them are available for me, on the image, there is a message ‘NOT ENOUGH COINS.’ For 1 year subscription, you need to have 999 SuperCoins in your account and for 6 months subscription, you need to have 500 SuperCoins in your account. 

If you have shopped crazily this Diwali or are planning to shop during Christmas, make sure to keep an eye on the coins you are collecting so that just in case you are a Flipkart Plus member but do not have enough coins to grab Sony LIV’s subscription to watch Scam 1992 for free yet, then you soon have enough rewards in your account to enjoy this benefit.

ANDAR KI BAAT: I recently got an ALT Balaji’s annual subscription absolutely FREE with Flipkart Coins. 

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