Free Netflix Subscription Days: What To Watch on Netflix on Dec 5 and 6

As you know, Netflix is offering a free subscription for 2 days in December, that is, on December 5 and December 6, 2020. What does that mean? You can watch any show or film on Netflix without paying for its services. The concern always is entering your card details for these perks. When the offer ends, most of the time, the subscription charges automatically get deducted from your linked bank account. But this time, that’s not the case. The streaming service will be available for free without you having to give away your card details to Netflix for automatic renewal of the plan. 

Since the streaming service is going to be free only for 2 days, I do not want you guys to waste your time deciding what to watch. Here are my recommendations:

Taj Mahal 1989 (Web Series)

Taj Mahal 1989 takes you back to the Doordarshan days. My only concern is that not everyone will love to sit back and travel back in time. But I did, and I am sure many people will. What’s best about Taj Mahal 1989? 2 love stories out of 3. Akhtar and Sarita’s and Sudhakar and Mumtaz’s. You just don’t get enough of these two couples. Why are they so special? Their age? Definitely yes. We also romanticize the idea of growing old with the person we love, don’t we? But the kind of love stories our generation is living, we definitely are not going to grow old with the person we love. Because by the time we grow old, we might have parted ways. The separation is well-portrayed in the series as Sarita, at one point, thinks of divorcing her husband. And then there are Rashmi and Angad, who were very much in love with each other at the beginning of the series, but by the end of it – SEPERATED! 

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Yeh Ballet (Film)

Before you watch Yeh Ballet, here are a few things you should know:

  1. Yeh Ballet is inspired by a true story of two ballet dancers, Manish Chauhan and Amiruddin Shah, and their teacher, Yehuda Maor.
  2. Nishu, one of the two dancers in the film, is played by Manish Chauhan himself.

I did not know this before watching the film. When the film ended, a short line flashed on the screen, ‘Inspired by true events.’ This caught my attention and I googled the film and stumbled upon the story published by ScoopWhoop. You must be wondering why this summary? Because it will change the way you look at Yeh Ballet.

Without the background, it looks like any other film that is based on the lives of dancers who audition every year for dance reality shows like Dance India Dance. Even though it reminds you of everything you have already seen and heard about the participating contestants in DID or India’s Got Talent, or even in Any Body Can Dance, the direction and performances keep you hooked. Speaking of the performances, I truly believe that digital is the performers’ platform and every time I watch new faces on digital doing an outstanding job, it reinstates my faith in the same.

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The Christmas Chronicles (Film)

Christmas is here! The Christmas Chronicles is just the right film to add to the fun and festive feel especially with the release of The Christmas Chronicles 2 just around the corner. 

Do you know what’s best about The Christmas Chronicles? That it is not a cliched Christmas film about family get-together or the festival. It is actually about Santa Claus and kids, and our fantasy about this imaginary friend when we were kids. In short, in this film, all your childhood fantasies come true, and how beautifully! And when I talk about our fantasies turning true, this not just means that ‘Santa Claus is real,’ but the elves, the reindeer, the flying sleigh, a bag full of gifts, and a wonderful, wonderful world. If you have already watched the movie, do you remember the scene where Kate is looking for elves and suddenly, everything starts flying and falling, in the most mesmerizing way? That scene is a visual treat. If you were the kind of kid who always wanted to peep into Santa’s bag, then you can’t afford to not watch this movie. 

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Unbelievable (Web Series)

I don’t know if I should call Unbelievable a fantastic show, given the fact that it is based on a true story. As I watch the show and fall in love with the way it was narrated and the way cast and crew handled such a sensitive topic, I only pray to God that no woman goes through spine-chilling, horrendous crime like rape. 

To be very honest, I did not watch Delhi Crime because it was based on rape and I have always been of the opinion that true stories based on crime like rape should not be dramatized. Unbelievable changed my perception of stories based on true incidents. There was no glamorization or exaggeration. Though the incidents are disturbing, it is filmed in a way that it makes you think about the way society treats or looks at women (even if she is the victim), without making you lose your mind. It is safe to say that even sensitive people can go ahead and watch Unbelievable. 

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Upstarts (Film)

Every startup and every individual dreaming of starting a startup should watch Upstarts. This film will dictate the terms for you. It will guide you about the DOs and DON’Ts of a startup. 

As I had expected it to be all about the struggles of a startup, it was not about that. But yes, the struggle was a significant part of it. We can say that the struggle story laid the foundation on which the startup, Carry Karo stood firmly later on. 

At some point, I thought it’s similar to Badmaash Company where friends come together and start a firm and then part ways due to clashes. But Upstarts is much more than that. It is about coming together, breaking up of friends, and then, their reunion – as friends or as business partners, that is something you need to watch Upstarts for. 

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Amit Tandon: Family Tandoncies (Stand-Up)

If you love to watch stand-up comedy, then pleaseee do not miss this show. 

Amit Tandon’s Family Tandoncies is a stand-up comedy you should watch with your family. In the world where most of the comedians are either making their audience laugh by roasting, abusing or hurling insults/cuss words, Amit Tandon’s Family Tandoncies brings your faith back in ‘decent’ comedy. It’s a sheer joy to watch this man perform. There are rarely stand-up performances out there that, in an hour’s show, make you laugh for straight one hour. There are always dull moments here and there. Fortunately, the same cannot be said for Amit Tandon. 

Does that mean it was hilarious? No. Does it make you go ROFL? No. Does that mean it is not funny? It is!

I will tell you why you might not laugh hard at his jokes. Because he might have just cracked a joke on your parents (and they may be sitting right beside you) and then, on you (your parents might definitely not care about your presence before they laugh hard though). 

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I hope you enjoy the above recommendations. If you have any recommendations that you want to suggest to people, kindly shoot an email at

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