Mismatched Review

I could actually wrap my Mismatched review in 2 words – ABSURD in English and BAKWAAS in Hindi, but you should know why it is not worth your time and hence this long review. 

Why absurd? Because it’s a story of marriage being arranged between a 17-year-old girl, Dimple Ahuja, and an 18-year-old boy, Rishi Shekhawat. While the girl is career-oriented and does not watch to marry so early, the boy is looking forward to getting married. Dude, the legal age of marriage in India for men is 21. Girls, if you come across a guy whose focus at 18 is marriage and not career, please reject him. He is no hero. As he grows up, he will depend on you financially and become a drunkard later. You will spend your whole life stroking his ego. Hence, the main plot in itself is absurd, weird, unrelatable, and unacceptable. 

Considering the age of the protagonists, the plot should have been similar to Balika Vadhu, but here’s a twist. It’s a love story. Oh, wait a minute! It’s a arrange-cum-love marriage story. Thankfully, in the first season, Rishi and Dimple didn’t marry, though as expected, Dimple eventually fell in love with Rishi. 


I wonder why is Netflix approving such shitty content? I mean, don’t they even once think of their own standard? Or maybe, Netflix ka standard was always just in our heads. Sony LIV surely has better stories than Netflix. 

In all honesty, Mismatched isn’t even for teenagers. It won’t cater to audiences of any age group. And the sad part is that it’s based on Sandhya Menon’s book, ‘When Dimple Met Rishi’ which is supposedly a New York Times Bestseller. I haven’t read the book so cannot comment on it but if Mismatched is made exactly the way the story is in the book, I am surprised that such stories are making it to the BESTSELLERS list. In that case, good writers should just quit the industry. 

Coming back to Mismatched, what added to my frustration was characters other than the protagonists. These characters are more nonsensical and more idiotic than the story. There is a lesbian girl, there is a psycho disabled guy, there is a girl with baingani coloured hair, there is a 41-year old widow, and then there is a couple (just like I did, you too will keep wondering all the time, why do they even exist?). All these characters are absolutely irrelevant and unnecessary. 

What I hated the most about the Mismatched is how they have made some of the unacceptable things look casual. For example, the psycho disabled guy, Anmol doesn’t treat women well. ‘He looks down upon them,’ is the correct way to put it. In one of the scenes when he comes across a woman player while gaming and this is what he says: 

‘Oh fuck, ye toh bandi hai. Aurat hoke itne guts? Home science vome science karo yaar gamin chodo tum… Kya bakwaas hai ye. Agar itni attention ki bhuki hai na mere ghar aa jaa and suck my big fat cock anytime you want.’ 

And how do they describe a character like him who should ideally be reported to cybercrime?

In these words: 

Killing spree! Beta, tum sab tattuo ke liye toh Anmol akela hi kaafi hai. Khargosh chahe hazaar ho, sher akela hi shikaar karta hai. 

Seriously? That is why the crime against women in this country isn’t going down. Because even the educated morons find demeaning women, COOL. Such profanities are the reason why OTT platforms will soon be under the Government and Censor Board’s microscope. It’s because of the mere stupidity of the few brainless or should I say, OVER SMART guys that the entire digital world will now suffer. MORONS! 

And please tell me from where does Prajakta Koli look 17? On top of it all, they also want us to believe that Rohit Saraf is a year older than her. She clearly looks more mature than him and in reality, she is. He, at least looks 18, even though he is not. But Prajakta Koli? If her age on Google is right, she is 27. Why would anyone cast her for a teenager’s role? Not just her looks, the dialogue delivery, her mannerisms, her attitude – nothing matches a teenager’s way of speaking or living. Casting her was clearly for Mismatched was another blunder.

Speaking of the script, it has absolutely nothing worthy to offer. It’s as good as an answer paper written after the bell rings in the exam hall. 


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