Ginny Weds Sunny Review

When I first heard that the movies that were supposed to release in the theatres will now be released on OTT platforms, I was so happy that I will now get to review films like Gulabo Sitabo but now I feel, chodo yaar, hatao theatre walo ko… talent hi nahi hai bando mein. 

Seriously, did you watch Ginny Weds Sunny? They should have released it in theatres, not on Netflix. Such movies do not deserve a digital release. It clearly lacks content and quality. I wonder if even teenagers like such immature love stories anymore. Should I call it a love story? Because I don’t think it is. I don’t believe in concepts where the audience is made to believe that you can make anyone fall in love with you by simply being around and trying weird stuff to impress him/her, even if that person is someone for whom you do not exist even after knowing you for years. Bollywood should grow up and change their idea of love. It’s 2020. Do it already! 

I am not going to stretch it further. Keeping it short: Ginny Weds Sunny is not worth your time. 

The only thing I would like to mention here before ending this review is, Vikrant Massey deserves better. He is an actor and should do more work like Criminal Justice where he gets to utilise his potential to the fullest. He should do more story-based, performance-based roles. I know that as an artist, one wants to try everything that he/she can. As a writer, I also like to try every kind of writing that comes my way, from one-liners to essays and fiction to news. So I don’t blame Vikrant Massey for choosing characters like Sunny and a movie like Ginny Weds Sunny, as this can be looked at as an artist’s love for his work, but still, I think he is not made for such movies. With the kind of work he has been doing, he should avoid films like Ginny Weds Sunny. These confused entertainers should be left for actors who can’t act but still want work to survive in the industry. 

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