Chikatgunde Review – Part 2

Marathi writers are gifted with this exceptional skill. Which skill? Of adding humour to life’s most complicated emotions and problems, and then subtly convincing people to change their mindset and perspective towards life. All while making them laugh – laugh at things they usually cringe at.

As I am writing this immediately after finishing Kande Pohe, I am going to talk about this episode first. Not because I just watched it and it’s fresh in my mind, but because I have fallen in love with it.

I have watched quickies, short stories, and movies that revolved around gays but Kande Pohe is the first story that I thought did justice to gay relationships. Once again, a super complicated subject has been handled delicately and gracefully while not preaching anything to anyone. The story smoothly flows and slowly, in just 25 minutes, you fall head over heels in love with the characters, especially with Ishan’s Mom, Vidya and Ishan’s live-in partner, Manav. 

What I liked the most here is the way Ishan’s parents understand their son’s sexuality and accept it gracefully even before he confesses that his room-mate is his partner. Oh wait, did he really tell that to his parents? Now for that, you will have to watch the episode.

I have loved this episode so much but I am still short of words, maybe because it’s too short to speak more about it. All I would say is, PLEASE DON’T MISS IT. 

And yes, how can I not mention this? Chaitanya Sharma in Kande Pohe is #BahuGoals. What a performance! No parents could reject this guy even if he is your son’s partner, not daughter’s. Did I tell you about that cute bonding between Vidya and Manav? Both Chaitanya and Gargi Thatte have delivered amazing performances. I so wanted to see more of them. How I wish this would have been a 10-episode long web series and not just 25-minute short. 

So yes, once again, do watch Kande Pohe.

Let us now talk about Sexy Time. It’s a very simply and cute story of a couple who decide to try some phone sex. Reason? The wife is stuck at her mother’s house – all thanks to the lockdown. Since it’s Bhadipa, the direction, story-telling, performances – everything makes this episode ‘worth your time.’ 

If you still haven’t watched any of the Chikatgunde episodes, go binge-watch now. It’s going to be a ‘FEEL GOOD’ ride for sure. 

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