Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare Review

I didn’t find anything meaningful in Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare. It’s a typical Balaji movie – watch it or leave it, it’s completely your choice. I would have said that if you want to just sit back and watch a movie for some weekend entertainment, go ahead but when it comes to entertainment, it’s super slow. At least for the first half an hour, it would bore you. If you manage to move past that half hour, then you might watch the complete film kyuki jo shuru kiye ho woh khatam toh karna padega na re baba. 

As there’s nothing much to tell about the film, I will tell you the story in short. Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare is about two cousin sisters, obviously, Dolly (Konkana Sen Sharma) and Kajal (Bhumi Pednekar). Kajal moves to Delhi to look for a job. She lives with Dolly but after she realises that Dolly’s husband is trying to get intimate with her and Dolly isn’t taking it seriously, she decides to move out of her sister’s house. As her boss doesn’t treat her well when asked for advance salary to book a bed in a hostel, Kajal quits the job in fit of anger. She then realises that she now has no money to book the bed which means she cannot move out of her sister’s house. She then takes the first job she gets – this job is similar to what Ayushmann Khurrana did in Dream Girl. 

Warning: Dolly Kitty aur woh chamakte sitare has bits and pieces of stories you have already watched, either in Balaji’s web series or films. If not Balaji, somewhere else for sure. 

Going back to the story, once Kajal moves out of Dolly’s house, she starts living an independent life, enjoying her freedom, going for outings with her friend (Kubra Sait) and her boyfriend (Karan Kundra). On the other hand, Dolly is trying hard to collect money to pay EMI for the newly booked house. The story then progresses: Dolly who is unhappy with her husband and her sexual life has sex with a delivery boy she is attracted to. With Osmaan (Amol Parashar), after a long time, she finds sexual satisfaction and happiness. 

Kajal, while satisfying clients with phone sex (that’s her job btw), falls in love with Pradeep (Vikrant Massey). She loses her virginity with him and he turns out to be a cheat, a married guy with kids. This is the only track that made me feel bad, or should I say finally “feel” something while watching the movie. Otherwise, it was a straight face movie. Talking about Kajal and Pradeep’s track, this is the first time I hated Vikrant Massey. If you watch Dolly Kitty aur woh chamakte sitare, you too will. 

Coming to performances, if the movie is watchable, it’s because of its cast. All the actors have done justice to their roles. Now that we are talking of actors, I cannot move ahead without mentioning this. When I opened the Netflix app to watch the movie, the poster on the homepage had Karan Kundra and Bhumi Pednekar on it. Karan Kundra? Did you even see him in the trailer? No! The reason is valid. His role is very small and insignificant. The trailer had two men, Vikrant Massey and Amol Parashar, because even though their roles are small, they played significant roles in the protagonists’ lives. 

I don’t see “FAVORITISM” ending in the industry anytime soon. 

Let us now talk about a small part of the story which I found disturbing. Konkana Sen Sharma’s son likes to live like a girl. He likes to play with dolls, he likes to put on make-up, he prefers girls’ toilet over boys’ and so on. Till here, everything was fine. What bothered me is that this small boy is shown wearing a bra. The problem here is, Balaji always forcibly stuffs all the sex-related issues in every piece of content. Their only focus in life is “SEX.” These days, they rarely focus on stories and plots. If they had a punchline, it would be “meaningless content with lots of sex.” Why this particular thing bothered me is, when it comes to adults, you can show whatever you want to as it has their ‘consent’ and also understanding of the subject. But when it comes to child actors, you don’t have their ‘consent.’ They are not ‘choosing’ their roles or can’t object to certain scenes. In this case, the makers as well as parents should make sure that they don’t make them ask questions they shouldn’t even be thinking about at this age. This is my request to child actors’ parents. When you choose roles for your kids, first ask yourself if it is really worth it, if this is something your child should actually do, and most importantly, if this is something they can watch with their friends.

And no, I don’t have any objection with the track, but that particular “unnecessary” scene.

Film-making is pure business. Film-makers can go to any length to make money but as parents, please choose wisely. 

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