Chikatgunde Review – Part 1

BhaDiPa never disappoints its fans. I don’t know how the team manages to always come up with wonderful, heart-warming, and at the same time, entertaining content. Pandu on MX Player was one such web series. For the ones who haven’t still watched or heard about Pandu, it is BhaDiPa’s first-ever Marathi web series, and I must say, they did a great job, especially at writing, back then as well. After Pandu, my expectations from BhaDiPa were obviously high. I am so glad they lived up to my and their fans’ expectations. 

For the beginners, only two episodes of Chikatgunde are out yet:

  1. Knock Knock
  2. Cheat Day

While Knock Knock is a complete entertainer, Cheat Day is both, entertaining and thought-provoking. For the ones who have seen the trailers and think that these web series are only for couples, you are wrong. They are for everyone. 

Knock Knock and Cheat Day, both are stories of married couples spending time together during the lockdown. Where the first one has a touch of humour and horror to it, the second one is more mature. Though I liked both the stories, Cheat Day is a story that would stay with me for a long time. Why?

Cheat Day speaks about open marriages. The best part is that it doesn’t justify, defend, or judge people who prefer being in open relationships. The story has let the couples choose the way of living for themselves, without interfering in their truth. On the other hand, they have very beautifully spoken about monogamy and people who choose to be loyal to each other, about people who love each, who are possessive about each other, people who can’t even stand the idea of sharing their partners with someone else. At the same time, they have very gracefully handled human infatuations, attractions, and temptations to get physically involved with a stranger/friend/colleague. In short, with a person who is not your partner. And then, be honest about your temptations with your partner. This honesty, more than loyalty, is what strengthens your relationship. 

Though I have already mentioned that both these episodes can be watched by everyone as they are not just for couples, but Cheat Day is strongly recommended for love birds. When I say that, I would like to underline the fact that Cheat Day is not your usual romantic, lovey-dovey or a cheesy episode. 

Let us now go back to Knock Knock. If you are a Dil Dosti Duniyadari fan, you already know Pushkaraj Chirputkar (everyone’s favourite, Aashutosh Shivalkar) and Swanandi Tikekar (our very own, Minal), their excellent timing and yes, also their chemistry (chemistry isn’t always romantic). It’s a treat to watch them together on-screen. They are flawless and perfect. 

Speaking of the Chikatgunde, I would say watching this web series is like reading your favourite comic in the summer holidays. The results are out, no studies, no worry of the future, you just lie on your bed, turn on the radio, and indulge in your favourite graphic stories. The only difference is that the stories here are for the grown-ups. But the peace, silence, and entertainment is just the same. 

Special mention to the writers of both the episodes for writing stories that keep the audience hooked without any high-voltage drama. Subtlety, my friend, is a tough job. A big shout out to Gaurav Patki, Madhura Jugade, and Sarang Sathaye. 

And a big round of applause to the Directors for not making this one-room stories look or feel dull even for a moment. 

Eagerly waiting for more episodes! 

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