Lootcase Review

A dull drama saved by delightful performances. The film lost its charm in the very beginning when it not even walked but crawled forward. It picked up the pace right after, let’s say, somewhere after the interval time. But by then, it was too late to bring the audience back to the storyline and get them interested in the film.

There were funny moments here and there but it’s not a funny or hilarious movie. The end was too good, though. I think that’s all I have to say about the plot and the story. There is nothing much to explain. As you saw in the trailer, Kunal Kemmu finds a suitcase loaded with money while returning home from work. He brings it home and hides it in the neighbour’s house who has gone to his native place for some work. And then there are people, MLA and people working for him, who are looking for that suitcase. How do those people find out where that bag is and how does Kunal Kemmu save himself from these guys is what the story revolves around. 

There was a lot of scope for humour in the film, but unfortunately, its pace and lousy direction didn’t allow the characters and the plot to bloom. The plus point of Lootcase was its cast. It has maharatis like Vijay Raj, Gajaraj Rao, and Ranvir Shorey associated with it. Not just them, Kunal Kemmu has done a fabulous job. He was relatable and funny. From his body language to dialogue delivery, he has done absolute justice to the character. 

The film could have been a hard-core comedy if the story would have revolved only around Kunal Kemmu’s character. He was, in fact, the director’s hukum ka ekka. The director couldn’t use either the actor or the character to its fullest potential. 

What do I say about Gajaraj Rao, Vijay Raj, and Ranvir Shorey? They don’t need anyone’s appreciation to prove that they are simply the best. And yes, how can forget, though not hilarious, I would do injustice to Lootcase if I do not mention some of the parts that saved the film from sinking deep:

  1. Vijay Raj’s National Geographic obsession 
  2. Gajraj Rao’s full of love threats
  3. Autowala’s innocent comments 

And yes, Kunal Kemmu, his presence, and his performance! 

Verdict? Lootcase is a one-time watch. You won’t regret watching it, but yes, it’s not a film you would want to take time out to watch. 

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