Featured Actor: Saiyami Kher for Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai

Saiyami Kher

Not just ‘Unexpectedly Outstanding’, I would also like to call Saiyami Kher ‘The Rising Star.’ If given a right chance, I truly feel that she can make it big in the industry and she deserves that big break. 

I am glad that she got another chance to prove to us that she has what it takes to be an actor in her. We saw her in Special Ops but since her role was very small, unfortunately, we couldn’t notice her the way we should have. Saiyami Kher’s claim to fame is Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai. 

It’s undoubtedly her film. If someone’s bearing the weight of the film on the shoulders, it is Saiyami. Amruta Subash and Roshan Mathew too were fabulous. They were strong pillars due to which the film, on the whole, became worth watching. But yes, Saiyami Kher being the lead, she had to be the best, especially with her mannerisms. That’s a great responsibility for actors who have just entered the industry. To be very honest, even some of the seasoned actors and superstars even today struggle to get the mannerisms right or understand the minute details/requirements of their characters. 

I would like to thank Anurag Kashyap for convincing the audience that flops like Mirzya don’t define actors like Saiyami Kher as good actors are beyond the work they choose. 

The main challenge for any actor I believe is SUBTLETY. This is what makes their performance flawless and natural. You can’t be screaming to tell the audience that you are going through intense emotional pain. A tear in your eye should be enough. Yet it should be able to rip apart the hearts of the viewers. Sarita Pillai in Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai needed that subtlety. Her frustration needed to be evident from her actions and expressions. This girl did an excellent job at emoting even when not supported by dialogues. 

I feel so bad when OTT platforms rope in big names for viewership when we have excellent actors carving their niche on digital. Such actors are the reason why digital gained popularity in the first place. Hence, they are the ones who should be given more chances to exhibit their talent and prove to the world that they can alone shoulder the responsibility of turning mediocre projects into hits and superhits. 

After Special Ops and Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai, Saiyami Kher will next be seen in Breathe: Into the Shadows. Though I have been eagerly waiting for this show to release, I will now mainly be watching it for her. Slowly yet steadily, she is raising the bar. How I hope she gets more projects like Choked where she gets to explore and also exhibit more of her talent. 

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