Mother’s Day Special: Special Day

Two wonderful short films in a day. First, Everything is Fine and second, Special Day. While Everything is Fine was an intense, thought-provoking film; Special Day is more of a cute, slice-of-life film. Why am I calling it a slice-of-life film when it also has a ‘thought-provoking’ element to it? Because this is exactly how we treat our Mothers. 

I guess mothers are the only beings we take for granted in life – their love, their care, their devotion, everything. We behave as if it’s their duty to be there for us when the truth is, it is not. Special Day is an eye-opener. We know we take Mom for granted, it’s not like we do it unknowingly. This film will make you stop and ponder over what you already know. 

Without any serious twists and turns, Special Day brings tears to your eyes, along with a smile though. Just like your relationship with your Mother – sometimes emotionally overwhelming and at other times, extremely peaceful. 

Special Day is all about a Mother and Son where as usual, Mother has entirely devoted her life to her son, and her son is busy living his life. While she is busy making his special day (his birthday), special for him; he is busy making plans with his friends. Yet the mother is not complaining. Even before the son comes home, the gift is wrapped and placed neatly on the bedside table. The son, after celebrating his birthday a day before with his friends, comes home late. It’s clear that his Mom has slept while waiting for him. As he enters his room, tired and exhausted from partying, he immediately falls asleep. The gift is still on the table – unnoticed, unseen, unappreciated. 

The next day as he rushes to go out with friends and celebrate birthday with them, the mom, without complaining, keeps handing him the gift, only to be met by ‘disinterest.’ But she is not disappointed. Like your mother and mine, her only purpose in life is her son’s happiness, even if it’s not with her, she is still fine with it – as long as her baby is happy! 

In loneliness, she finds happiness in the memories. The story that unfolds later is something you must watch Special Day for. 

The story and direction are good, no second thoughts about it but the performances are cherry on the cake, especially Sheeba Chaddha. She will remind you of your mother, every now and then. Your mother’s silent struggle to be around you all the time, her unconditional love, the act of letting go yet be there – every single thing has been beautifully brought to life by her. Also, the pure joy she’s emoted when her son comes back home to spend time with her – she is marvellous.

Sheeba Chaddha in ‘Special Day’ is the mother every child would relate to. She will make you terribly miss your mom and apologise to her for not making her feel special every day. She might just make you go back home to your mother and appreciate her forever. 

P.S: Special Day redefines Mother’s Day.

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