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I can’t believe what I just saw. In the time of feminism, SHE is a slap on every woman’s face who has been fighting hard to make a place for herself in this patriarchal society. ‘She’ objectifies women. 

The show lacks logic, sensibility, and sensitivity. The story was terrible. Its only purpose was to connect the dots and lead the story to ‘sex.’ As the storytellers in the digital world are obsessed with drug dealers, terrorists, and intelligence, this story also tried to enter the ‘edge of the seat, intelligent’ writing category, but unfortunately drastically failed to do so. Forget about intelligence, I haven’t seen anything as dumb as this web series for the longest time. 

The only way the police think they can catch a drug dealer is by sending a woman employee from the police department as a prostitute to him, as prostitutes are his only weakness. What makes the woman from their own department a perfect fit for this operation? Her 36-24-36 figure. I mean, seriously? When a constable with no experience in carrying out any operation is being considered for an operation where drug dealers are involved, where she is asked to pose as a prostitute, the last thing you should consider is her figure. The first thing you should think about is her safety for which you should first work on your surveillance, her training, and the tightening of security. Forget about the precautionary measures needed for the safety, they did not even sharpen their brains first. That was the least they could do. 

The department’s sole mission looked like providing women to the drug dealers, of which, Mr. Fernandez was the secret agent. At times, Fernandez himself looked like a sexual predator.

What is more worrisome is that when she loses her job and tries to get it back, her desperation to ‘do anything’ to get the job back becomes her qualification. What made me cringe further was that all the hile it looked like this female was not even desperate to get back on the job, she was desperate only for sex. 

I wonder if sex is all she wanted, she could have gone back to her husband. The reason they separated? She was sexually cold and inactive. But if she can ask the waiter, a random man, to touch her boobs and ask him if he is feeling anything about it, if she can easily compromise with her boss to get the job, why couldn’t she go back to her husband to satisfy her sexual cravings? It was anyway not like she didn’t want to sleep with her husband because he is not the right man as the last thing you can expect in the web series, She is morals, logic, and the differentiation between right and wrong. Its funda was simple – All for sex, anything for sex.

Unfortunately, the show puts not just women, but also police in a bad light.

The protagonist has been called manly, again and again, just because:

  1. She is sexually cold (for her husband)
  2. She is sexually unattractive (for the world)

The story as mentioned earlier was meaningless, but still here are a few loopholes:

  1. Bhumi is asked to pose as a prostitute to find out if the Vijay Varma is the Sasya they have been looking for, as he has 3 identities and it is difficult to find the real Sasya. But then when this man is forcing himself upon her and as she pushes him back, ‘Sasya’ is tattooed on his chest. If he has tattooed his real name on his chest, why the hell is hiding his identity? What’s the point?
  2. After Sasya is caught, he demands that he will answer only if Bhumi interrogates him. The police accept his demand. And then Sasya is allowed to talk crap to this female and make her uncomfortable during the interrogation but she is not allowed to say anything against it. Because, his answers are more important to them, even if it is at the cost of verbal sexual abuse.
  3. Bhumi is once again being served to the drug mafia as suggested by Sasya, one of the most wanted criminals.
  4. Sasya is then also allowed to call Bhumi, but no action is taken against it. In fact, Bhumi is asked to ignore his advances as he is not important anymore.
  5. Bhumi is asked to take out more information about Nayak’s operations from Nayak himself by posing as a prostitute. How will she do it? It’s a slow process, she is asked not to hurry. Does that mean that ACP Fernandez was suggesting that Bhumi actually keep having sex with Nayak till he trusts her and gives away all the required information? 

The only remarkable performance in this series was of Vijay Varma who played Sasya in the web series, She. Aditi Pohankar’s performance was also good but only at the beginning, as her character never underwent the transformation it should have as the show progresses. Her character hence after one point looked nothing more than a sexually frustrated, mentally sick, unreliable woman who is not worth being in the police department, but God knows what did she do to get that job in the first place.

If Netflix continues to deliver content like She and Guilty, the end is clearly near for them.

P.S.: The last scene, especially the dialogues can give you a severe migraine. The girl constantly has flashbacks of being sexually assaulted as a kid which justifies why she has been sexually cold all the while. But my question is, was she? 

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