Ghar Ki Murgi Review

What a wonderful short film! If you think that Ghar ki Murgi is a film only for women, you are absolutely wrong. It’s a film for everyone, especially for men who think that a homemaker’s job is the easiest job in the world.

Whether you are a young boy or a girl or an adult of any gender who has a ‘house-wife’ Mother at home, then there are high chances that you treat her like Sakshi Tanwar was treated in this film. It is not because you don’t love her or value her enough, but simply because, knowingly or unknowingly, you have started taking her for granted. Just like going to school, college, or work is a routine for other family members, we think that the kitchen and home are routine for home-makers. What we forget is that the kids excel in school, old people are still fit, husbands can work hard for promotion and increment only because there is someone at home who is taking care of their basic needs – from feeding them 4-5 meals daily to washing and ironing their clothes so that their next day starts hassle-free. And all of this is done with a smile on a face, without complaining.

Now if you still feel that all of this is your Mother’s job and she enjoys doing it, you must watch Ghar ki Murgi without fail. From how much you save just because your Mom does all of this work to how paralyzed you can get if she stops doing all of it – everything is put forth so well, so subtly. This is what is commendable about Ghar ki Murgi, its subtlety. There is no rona dhona, drama, a torturous husband or sasural, absolutely nothing. There is just a family who has forgotten the importance of a lady who has selflessly devoted her life to them and how the same lady, out of frustration, decides to take a break so that her own family realizes her value.

Along with society, this is an important lesson for women, as well. Once a while, she should take a break, even from her family – to rest, take care of herself, and regain sanity. Speaking of the end, though predictable, it was relatable and that was the beauty of the film. If you make a list of all the home-makers and then randomly pick one, sponsor a trip for her, ask her to take a break from all her responsibilities, family, and children for one month, she might grab the opportunity at first, but at the end, she would run back to everything she wished to leave in the first place. 

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