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I think it’s high time to stop making content on rape, may it be in the form of a movie or a web series. Do not misunderstand me when I say that. I am not asking people to ignore the subject, all I want is for film-makers to stop using rape for entertainment. Is ‘Guilty’ using rape for entertainment? No, they are not. None of the makers are. Then why would I say that? Because not everyone is mature enough to handle such intense subjects with the sensitivity they need. And the makers of Guilty were truly confused about what they wanted to make. But yes, one thing there were absolutely sure about is this:

They were clearly making a masala movie by giving a tadka of one of the ‘trending’ topics of today’s time – RAPE. This becomes more obvious when Kiara Advani shares her rape story on stage in the end and the sasta crowd starts weeping.

Let’s talk about the story and the treatment first. The look and feel of the movie gave you Hollywood feels. If you notice, you will see that their mystery films are given a certain treatment. They always have a dull color combination, closed rooms which make you feel suffocated, college fests (if it involves young crowd), a popular band, and many more such fixed elements. You can find all of them in Guilty. The story has many loopholes – the lawyers, their participation in the case, their interest in the case, the influential family that looks extremely garib, and the not-so-influential Nanki who gives audiences the amiro wala feel. Then there is this professor (or dean or whoever he was – I am still confused about his whole existence) who spoke English at the gunpoint. Yes, it was that forceful.

If I have to talk about the story, I could talk about it if they would have focussed on the story. I will still try to decode it for you:

The buzz is that VJ, Nanki’s boyfriend, has raped Tanu. Tanu is a small-town girl who is seen flirting with VJ here and there. She has a crush on him and would love to sleep with him. Now the question is, has he really raped Tanu or is she making it all up to trap him? So, the investigation begins.

It’s about a small-town girl accusing a politician’s son of rape and who is investigating the case from both sides? Only VJ’s lawyers, a bunch of lawyers, in fact (Tanu also had a lawyer but he was non-existent). There are high chances that even when the movie ends you might be still trying to figure out who were these lawyers fighting for? They belonged to that specific category of people who have no purpose and aim in their lives. They wander on earth till they die.

The funniest part about this species was that the whole time they were, at least one lawyer (who was the brand ambassador of this species), was interested only in questioning Nanki. Dude, she is neither the victim nor the suspect. The people you should focus on are VJ and Tanu. While Nanki is questioned, what are VJ and Tanu doing? While one is performing and partying, the other is simply oscillating between home and college.

Now that I spoke of Tanu, let’s talk about Akansha Ranjan Kapoor. If there would have been an award for ‘worst actress of the year,’ it would have gone to her. If you dare to watch this movie, watch this scene where students are supporting her and she decides to speak up, campaign against rape. Just look at her body language and facial expressions. She looked so happy, as if now that she is raped, she can use it to become a celebrity. This is exactly why I said that we don’t need any more content on subjects like rape or #MeToo. People who have not been through it will never understand the intensity of it especially Bollywood who has been silently supporting the predators in the industry.

I have given up on Dharma Productions entirely. I do not watch any of their movies or shows that are coming on Netflix. I watched Guilty only for Kiara Advani. I like her and thought that I would get to see a completely different Kiara in this movie. I guess even the makers were counting on her to save this film which is why their only focus was Nanki, and no one else. Unfortunately, Kiara too was disappointing.

And yes, I forgot to tell you this – Guilty is directed by the same lady who had directed Kaal. So, WATCH GUILTY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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  1. Wow !! One of the most awaited web series. I thoroughly liked this content on the movie ‘Guilty’ on Netflix. This movie was well reviewed through lots of points on Me too movement. I liked the points that were justified in this topical based review. Kiara Advani is the star of this movie, but under utilized. Hoping to see Guilty after reading this review. Looks like Digital Popcorn is back in form after a short break. I am looking forward to read the reviews on Special Ops (Hotstar), Siege (Zee5) and It happened in Calcutta (Alt Balaji). This review on Netflix movie – Guilty was worth the read.

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