Shukranu Review

Zee5 has good stories to tell. If you keep the execution aside and focus only on the story, you will find some outstanding plots there. Badnaam Gali was one of such unique stories, but it failed to make any impact because the executive wasn’t effective. As the platform is catering only to the Indian audience, unlike Amazon and Netflix, I feel that it has high chances of becoming the next most popular OTT platform in India but only if they start focusing on the entire package and not just the quantity of releases. 

Shukranu is one such film. It had immense potential but unfortunately couldn’t become the series that will stay with the audience for a long time. As the trailer suggests, the film is a humorous take on forced sterilisation. There were funny moments here and there but it wasn’t a humorous film. Having said that, it is still a good film. It’s neither excellent, not bad. 

If the makers would have focused only on one story, it might have worked in their favour. A funny twist was not required. The complications that arise after the wife gets pregnant was a story worth watching. It was in itself a complete story with the potential to keep the audience hooked. Humour ka tadka is what made this hot subject a lukewarm film.

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