FEATURED: Sapne Waise Bhi Sach Hote Hai Podcast

Have you ever packed a dream just because life happened? If you compare your today with your college or school day dreams, would they still be the same? Before you met life at the college gate on its last day, who you actually were? What were your dreams back then? 

Rakesh Tiwari’s ‘Sapne Waise Bhi Sach Hote Hai’ will take you back to those days and might even subtly convince you to turn them into reality, or at least give them a chance. This podcast is a tribute to every individual who makes his/her responsibilities a priority while putting their dreams on the back burner, yet pulls them out of darkness whenever possible, blow the dust off, and bravely lives that dream, IN THE MEANTIME. 

Where many of us give up on our dreams completely, there are still people around, like Mr Sanjay Bansal who believes that the balancing act between passion and profession is ‘MANAGEABLE.’ Since it is a very short podcast, I won’t give away more information, but would surely recommend every working individual to go and listen to this podcast.

Rakesh Tiwari is one of my favourite poets. His content is always sensible, sensitive, and thought-provoking. The best part about him is that he puts forth even the most sensitive topics in an absolutely non-boring way. I remember listening to the radio shows where sensitive topics were spoken in the most dull, sad, and grief-stricken way. On the contrary, Rakesh Tiwari’s podcast, or any other content, is always presented in a soothing way which is a refreshing change. 

Coming back to the podcast, though short, I would still recommend you to hear it, especially while on the way to work or while on your way back home. It would definitely motivate you to chase what you packed years ago and slid under your bed long back.

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