The Christmas Chronicles Review

The Christmas Chronicles is a Netflix film released in 2018 which means many of you might have already seen it. But for the ones who haven’t watched this film yet, make sure you watch it this Christmas especially if you have stopped believing in Santa, you know just because you grew up. 

The best part about The Christmas Chronicles is that it is not a cliched Christmas film about family get-together or the festival. It is actually about Santa Claus and kids, and our fantasy about this imaginary friend when we were kids. In short, in this film, all your childhood fantasies come true, and how beautifully! And when I talk about our fantasies turning true, this not just means that ‘Santa Claus is real,’ but the elves, the reindeer, the flying sleigh, a bag full of gifts and a wonderful, wonderful world. If you have already watched the movie, do you remember the scene where Kate is looking for elves and suddenly, everything starts flying and falling, in the most mesmerizing way? That scene is a visual treat. If you were the kind of kid who always wanted to peep into Santa’s bag, then you can’t afford to not watch this movie. 

Let’s now talk about Santa Claus. If you love the fatso, cuteso, adorable Santa, then this piece of information is surely going to disappoint you. The Christmas Chronicles Santa is fit (not fat) and hates it when he finds out that the people on earth think he is fat. I told you this is not a cliched Christmas film. The Santa here gets angry as well. And damn, he gets scared too. When he finds out that there are kids in his sleigh, the way it frightens him is hilarious. The way he wants to hide a few naughty things from Mrs. Claus is relatable (Yes, every man will relate to it). When the jail bores him, the song he sings was rocking. In short, this Santa is exactly what you thought Santa is not. 

The Christmas Chronicles is sure to awaken the child within you. If you don’t like the movie, grow up man… Become a kid again! 

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