Meri Bindiya Re

Krishna Singh in ‘Meri Bindiya Re’ is ‘Be the Change’ PERSONIFIED!

Since I follow Krishna Singh on Instagram, I had already read this piece on the platform, but hearing her recite it was a different experience. As she rightly said, as her audience who do not know her, looking at her appearance and connecting it to her stories, we always conclude that she is married. The reason? The bindi, bangles, and her love for sarees. 

Can you relate that to a married woman? All of us do, because for us, bindi, bangles, and sarees mean ‘MARRIAGE.’ But Krishna Singh is here to break the taboo. In this video, she tells you why is she always dressed up like what you and I would call, a married woman. And then she tells us why she refuses to accept what society has termed ‘normal.’ 

If you have grown up seeing your mother all dressed up and dolled up, always, and then lost your father suddenly someday, you will relate to her feelings. The kind of transformation your mother’s appearance (let alone her emotional journey) goes through is painful. It is, for all of us. It’s always like you lose both the parents, at the same time. I have been through what Krishna Singh has been through. In fact, most of us have experienced the pain she has narrated in this video. And the decision she took after careful thinking and observing the ‘WHYs’ and ‘WHATs’ of this tradition is really inspiring. I salute this girl for the way she beautifully transformed herself, going exactly in the opposite direction of that of the society’s thinking, and then living up to her own expectations, along with the standards she has set for herself, is amazing. 

Trust me, I want to write more but I am afraid that I will reveal her thoughts here and hence, I choose to stop. You go and hear her speak. 

I would end this review on the following note, summing up Krishna Singh’s message in the video:

“Dear Women, you don’t need a man to be able to live your life to the fullest. You are enough!” 

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