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After Mrs. Deepika, here’s another Indian vlogger from the UK, Mr. Rajeev Sangwan. 

Why am I mentioning ‘Indian vlogger from the UK’ here? Because that is the USP of Sangwans Studio. If you are planning to move to the UK, for studies or a job, you should follow this channel. Rajeev Sangwan guides and helps people who are traveling to this country for a long time. 

What to expect from this channel? As an Indian, if you are moving to the UK, what are the questions you will ask yourself? 

  1. Will I be able to adapt to their culture?
  2. Where will I stay?
  3. Is the lifestyle expensive?
  4. Will you no longer be celebrating Indian festivals?
  5. No good Indian food?
  6. Do the British accept Indians?

And many more questions cloud your mind when you decide to immigrate. For answers to the thousands of questions that have been hovering your mind, watch Sangwans Studio. Mr. Rajeev Sangwan has also personally helped people who have been feeling lonely or completely lost in a new country after moving to the UK. He has surely been through it and hence makes sure that no one goes through such difficult times, at least when he is around. 

It is a difficult task to regularly create content on daily life simply to show people what life in the mentioned country looks like. I must say that Sangwans Studio is doing a great job.

Apart from this, he also creates relatable content for the larger audience base. 

The videos on the channel are interesting and fun to watch. Rajeev Sangwan’s plus point is his supportive family, not just his wife, Sonia Sangwan but also his brothers and friends. When they all come together, it feels like it’s your family’s get-together. 

Their day-to-day life videos are so natural, casual, and effortless that you don’t feel like you are watching a YouTube channel. After a point, you feel as if you know them personally. And trust me guys, being natural and effortless on camera is one of the world’s most difficult jobs. 

Thanks to Rajeev Sangwan’s charm and charismatic personality – it keeps you hooked to whatever content he puts up on his channel. 

In short, Sangwans Studio and its content is “Effective, Engaging, and Entertaining.” 

So, make sure you check out Sangwans Studio. 

P.S: A special mention to his brothers. They are all totally adorable.

Number of Subscribers: 337K and counting



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