Honesttlly Insane

Just like their channel’s name, they are Honestly Insane. If you watch Bigg Boss, you shouldn’t miss this crazy duo reviewing every episode right after the show. Not just review, they also try to get you the inside news. Other than the Hindi Bigg Boss review, Veekaas Kanojia and Rajesh Bbansode also discuss Marathi Bigg Boss. In the past, they have also reviewed reality shows like Troll Police and Roadies. 

I personally don’t like watching videos where two or more people sit together to deliver content. I remember watching two popular comedians reviewing a few films. It was watchable only because their script used to be funny but otherwise, I always thought it was chaotic. When two people are doing reviews, there are high chances that their viewpoints being different. And then there are high chances of both the people feeling exactly the same about the show and hence when they try to express themselves, the audience doesn’t understand who to listen to as one might be an expert in expressing views while the other might not sound that interesting. In short, when two people sit and discuss something with their audience, being in sync is one of the most important factors YouTubers need to consider. And this is exactly when these two absolutely rock. 

Veekkas Kanojia and Rajesh Bbansode are often seeing agreeing and disagreeing on certain events and happenings but the way they present their views is impressive. They both respect each other’s opinions. They also give each other the space to express. The best part is that they don’t divide the video into two parts so that each of them gets time to speak. You want to watch their videos because of their togetherness, and of course, their craziness. The way they mock contestants, the way they abuse them (just like we all do while watching the show) out of frustration, the way they present the audience’s viewpoints while also having their own opinions about the happenings in the house is what makes their channel worth watching and subscribing. 

So if you are among the ones who still watch Bigg Boss, no matter Hindi or Marathi, go like and subscribe Veekkas Kanojia and Rajesh Bbansode’s YouTube channel, Honesttlly Insane. 

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