Pandu Review

If you are a fan of BhaDiPa, Pandu is the kind of content you watch BhaDiPa for – light-hearted and humorous yet thought-provoking, at times. It’s a slow-paced web series based on the life of policemen, the protagonist of which is Pandu. Suhas Sirsat is a fantastic actor, no second thoughts about it. Even though it is slow-paced, you will not stop watching the series midway due to boredom. Thanks to Suhas Sirsat and the entire cast for keeping us hooked with their excellent performances.

The episode I loved the most was Melancholy. Every single person goes through this phase in his/her life – these days, more than once or twice. The scenes were funny and Pandu’s boredom, relatable. How can I forget to mention Pournima Manohar, the annoying teacher in the ‘Open Day’ episode? She was so convincingly annoying. At one point, I was like I can at least ‘mute’ this lady; poor Pandu doesn’t even have that option. Garibansathi and Bandh were also amazing episodes. To be precise, they were thought-provoking. They change the way you look at this profession and people associated with this profession, especially at the lower level.

Bandh, the episode was moving. We do not realise what our policemen go through on a day to day basis while dealing with unnecessary violence, drama, and crime. Though the entire series of 6 episodes bring a smile on your face, the last episode, as mentioned above, may completely change the way we perceive this profession.

Since Pandu is one of the very first web series from BhaDiPa, I would say that the team has done a good job. I have always believed that creating or writing content that is simple yet relatable and engaging is the most difficult job. But Marathi industry is a pro at subtlety.

Pandu effortlessly falls into that ‘no dokyala shot’ category content which you can’t help but eventually fall in love with.

I am sure that with time, BhaDiPa will give us more amazing content (and its pace too will improve).

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