Music Teacher Review

There’s nothing extra-ordinary about this film. Like every other music-based film, Music Teacher too narrates a music teacher and his student’s love story. I started watching this film only for the lead actor, Manav Kaul as I loved him in Tumhari Sulu and didn’t get a chance to watch him in any other film after that.

The storyline will, here and there, remind you of Abhimaan and Aashiqui.

Though it’s not outstanding, it does not mean that you strike it out from your Netflix movies list. If you love slow-paced dramas where you do not emotionally or mentally exhaust yourself, you can give The Music Teacher a shot. And if you are crazy for the Himalayas, just like I am, you would love the look and feel of this movie.

The USP of the Music Teacher: Beautiful melodies like Phir Wohi Raat and Rimjhim Hire Sawan have complimented the silence of the mountains. It feels like the music is the soul of that place. The whole feel of it is heart-warming and breathtaking.

Coming back to its ordinariness and extra-ordinariness, I genuinely feel that the end of this film should have been a little different. It should have been,’…And they lived happily ever after.’ To start with, there were no complications in this relationship just some bitter emotions due to unexpressed feelings. There was no point or stage in this relationship of ‘no turning back.’ Since the female protagonist never wanted to enter the glam work and sing for money, she could have easily returned to the mountains at the end. If they did not want it to be a happy ending, there could have been a plot twist at the end. As there were no nail-biting twists in the story which usually makes a story stay with you even after its end, the makers could have given viewers some emotion to take back from the film.

I also feel that Divya Dutta’s role could have been better. Unfortunately, she has been typecast. No justice was done to the character.

Neena Gupta was a sweet surprise. She is always a treat to watch.

In short, Music Teacher could have been a great Netflix film but the absence of twists in the story makes it dull. A little more effort from the writer’s side could have made it ‘recommendation-worthy.’

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