Featured: Deep’s All In One Channel

If you are a housewife, this channel is for you. That doesn’t mean Deep’s All in One channel is only for housewives or married woman. Every woman who has to manage her house, family, and work can relate to the content is put up on the channel. 

Deep’s All in One Channel focuses on content related to healthy lifestyle, cleaning, and meal planning. I love the way she has described it in YouTube’s ‘About’ section, so I will use the same description to give you a clear idea of what it actually is all about. Here you go:

“This channel is all about on Healthy Lifestyle, Cleaning, Organization and Meal Planning.

Organization / Cleaning does not need to be expensive or high end. It can be really very simple by using simple products and following routines. This is a community for people looking for organization ,cleaning and healthy lifestyle ideas without spending too much.” 

I must say that her kitchen cleaning has inspired me to keep my kitchen clean. If you start watching her videos regularly, cleaning will start coming naturally to you. Not just the cleaning part, but the way she still religiously follows Indian culture, prepares the traditional dishes so that daughter knows about her roots is praiseworthy. Okay so what I did not tell you earlier is that this Indian YouTuber is based in the UK. At times,with her, you too feel the pain of leaving away from the loved ones and the loneliness you experience when you are away from your country and family. If you think moving out of India, leaving independently is glamorous, you should watch her videos where she has spoken about what all she has been through during her pregnancy or the days when she wasn’t keeping well because no family or friends were around; or how at times, dark days become darker because you are not in your own country. 

Today where people are starting YouTube channels to become celebrities overnight or for instant fame, Deep’s All in One Channel is a genuine effort to give viewers content worth watching. 



  1. She is lovely as a friend and very hardworking . I myself learned a lot watching her videos . Never miss any and keep my eyes open to watch her next uploads . I love her spirits of prosperity. So proud of you deepika. I pray for your further prosperity and success . SO PROUD OF YOU . Love you


    1. Deeps aka Deepika doesnt beat around the bush.
      Despite having health issues, she doesnt sit n crib over.Instead she does all her work very efficiently and with a sweet smile.
      I am associated with her You tube Channel from.a very long time.
      She had taught me to find happiness in lonliness too!. And how to achieve our dreams without falling prey for negativity n unwanted gossips.
      Her husband Vikasji is an amazing, simple and very down to earth person.
      And Pari ( Advi) is a sweet cute child.

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