Jungle Jungle Aag Lagi Thi by Rakesh Tiwari: Review

His words always penetrate straight into the heart. After Missing, Rakesh Tiwari’s ‘Jungle Jungle Aag Lagi Thi’ gave me goosebumps. Not just goosebumps, it had the same effect on me that Missing had – I had tears in my eyes. 

The title is screaming out loud what this masterpiece is all about – yes, you are right! It’s about human beings brutally murdering Mother Nature. I was always convinced that we do not deserve this planet. Whatever King Midas touched turned into gold, whatever human beings touched turned into stone. What a curse we are to Mother Earth. 

Rakesh Tiwari is the poet who always manages to send shivers down your spine while maintaining calm. The way he started comparing greenery to his green shirt and then covered all the related topics from Aarey to Amazon. I love how he does that without giving any gyaan. Forget about gyaan, he maintains a wonderful smile throughout just the way we do while destroying this planet.

Here are the lines which will make you hang your head in shame: 

“Kya hoga jab woh naujawaan hoke tumse sawaal karenge
Ke tum toh sach jaante the na, saari duniya ghum ke baithe the
Jab kudrat belibas ho rahi thi
Kyu aakhen mund kar baithe the”

‘Kyu haaf rahi hai kudrat uska dum nikla hai, sar par jo tha taaz uska barf pighla hai’ is another line that makes you question why we are doing what we are doing and what are we achieving by stripping the nature – every day, every single minute? 

Thank You Rakesh Tiwari for Missing and Jungle Jungle Aag Lagi Thi. We need more such eye-opening and impactful masterpieces. 

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