Ek Nayi Shuruwaat by Krishna Singh: Review

Ek Nayi Shuruwaat is not a ‘nayi’ story. It’s a story of almost every woman. I don’t know why but even today a girl’s only accomplishment is her marriage, no matter how intelligent and independent she is, the society accepts her only if she is accompanied by a man. 

Thankfully, this is changing, but to what extent? On a scale of 1 to 10, we might still be somewhere between 1 and 2. Let’s keep the career choice aside, even though a lot of us has got that freedom, on the contrary to what the woman in Krishna Singh’s story has faced, almost every woman faces marital rape, at least once in her life – while some retaliate, others choose to suffer in silence.

I won’t reveal the story as I want you guys to go hear Krishna Singh narrate the tale. She has narrated it so beautifully that every time she sheds light on different incidents, you want to get up, go meet, and question her family. At times, not only question them but even punish them for ruining what could have been a beautiful life otherwise. 

Stories like Ek Nayi Shuruwaat can either lose its essence or sound really cold if there is no pain in the narrator’s voice. I have seen Krishna Singh’s earlier performances, and trust me, the lady knows how to make you feel the pain of the protagonist. Her tone, her body language, the quivering voice, everything just adds up to it. 

I loved the way she started her story with focussing on the protagonist being a rebel and then ending it with her, eventually choosing her own life. I love to see, not just women, but every person as a fighter, and this is what the lady mentioned in this story is – A fighter! 

I also totally loved the way Krishna Singh did not give any name to the relationship she has an unnamed man. He may or may not be the love of her life. He is simply a connection; a connection each one of us finds when we need it the most. He is the person who walks into each of our lives to remind us that we can not just fight this battle but also come out of it victorious. 

If this story is indeed real, I wish that this lady gets a beautiful ‘nayi shuruwaat’ in her life. 

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