Aani Kay Hava Review

MX Player’s Aani Kay Hava takes you back to the newspaper’s daily comic strips days. Don’t recollect those? Then let’s bring back the Hum Tum memories. I hope now you know what I am talking about.

If you ever read those comic strips, you would know that they were not always funny. They were relatable at times but there were also times when you just sat back and wondered if this shit is really worth your time. But then the next day, you again go back to reading it hoping that today they will have better content than yesterday. 

Aani Kay Hava was, I wouldn’t call it boring, but it won’t keep you hooked for sure. While watching the show, if you get a phone call, you may not pause it. It is not the kind of show of which you do not want to miss a minute. 

There were a few things that annoyed me the most. Like a typical film which glamorises everything, they did make house shifting look easy (also not tiring and dust-free). Ufff… Can you imagine? Have you ever shifted a house? I have done it for like 7-8 times now. People who rent houses, show them the first episode and ask them what’s wrong with it. How can someone put a kitchen in place in such a short time? Then you also put together your bedroom and hall on the same day? And then you sit back, looking super fresh, relax with a cup of hot “home-made” coffee? Putting everything in place in a new house is never a matter of a few hours. Be realistic guys. 

The plus point of web series or episodic is its relatability. The closer you get to reality while adding the fun factor to it, making real-life struggles look funny and bearable, the better are the chances of people loving your work. 

When it comes to a couple who are simply enjoying their lives, we have seen Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal in Little Things. They were fabulous. When they decide to get up before the sunrise to drive a few hours just to eat some place’s famous bhajiyas, you feel their joy and excitement. They make you want to do such crazy stuff with your partner. In Aani Kay Hava, Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat fail to evoke those feelings in you. 

The first two episodes were as slow as a snail. Other episodes were okay. Kami Vajan, the sixth episode will at places make you, (No! Not laugh) giggle or smile. The last episode was crap. I mean, after years, who goes to the restaurant to find a card that your husband has stuck under the table (which he was supposed to give to the girl he then liked). Forget that, the height of stupidity is where they actually find it – near the bill counter. The restaurant has that greeting card (or love letter, whatever that was) on display near the counter as if it was written for them and not the girl. 

For the light-hearted couple moments, I really wished the makers would have cast fresh faces, a young couple to whom craziness and laziness, both would have come naturally. 

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