Gullak Review

I am neutral when it comes to Gullak. I would call it neither great nor a not worth watching show. Speaking of slice-of-life and family dramas, there are web series and even TV serials that have set the standard high. For example, Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre (Maharashtrians would know it), Yeh Meri Family, and Home. 

Gullak isn’t even close to the feel-good feeling that these slice-of-life dramas evoke in you. Having said that, I loved the fight scene between the brothers. What a scene! If you have a sibling, you may simply put that particular scene on repeat mode. 

The North Indians may love it as it may make them nostalgic. The house, the language, the lifestyle, some people may like the show simply because they can relate to the characters’ way of living. 

Having said that, I am loving the way TVF is trying to bring back the 90s days back by creating shows that appealed to us in the Doordarshan times. Gullak will take you back to those days where you just used to sit back on a Sunday morning, relax, and watch people simply live their lives peacefully (on the small screen). Doordarshan days content had the power of turning a common man into a hero by convincing him how beautifully he handles his day-to-day problems. And even though these problems exist, life is still beautiful. They did not sell you dreams. They kept you connected to real life while changing your perspective towards it. 

If you just want to sit back, relax and watch a show with your family (without constantly thinking about, ‘Should I change the channel?’ while watching the show with your family… All thanks to the sex scenes in the web series these days… Then do watch Gullak). 

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