Autumn by Helly Shah

Ever since a few poems went viral on the Internet, the content creators realized that poetry lovers are not extinct. There is an audience waiting to appreciate the power of words. The web has since then being flooded with good, too good, and excellent spoken words. But yes, there are also poems which make you cringe and change the video without even wanting the poet to complete his/her poem.

It is difficult to come up with content that’s different and striking at the same time when everyone is writing about everything that is happening around – from politics to broken hearts.

Helly Shah’s ‘Autumn’ is that strikingly different piece of work. I loved it. Though she speaks about a broken home and its side-effects on the family; this is relevant to every kid who has not had the privilege of having a normal childhood. An unhappy family moulds a child into an aggressive, fearful, or a low on confidence and self-worth adult which he/she would not have become if the parents were happier.

Why just unhappy families? The unseen, unfortunate, traumatic events can also suddenly turn the world upside down, this time, not just of the child’s but also of every adult involved.

What I loved the most about Autumn was how Helly Shah not just spoke about the damages the disastrous storms do but also how, if you perceive the same storm in a different way, if you refuse give up come what may, if you choose not to let these storms affect you negatively, if you choose to still love life and to not punish yourself or others for the storms that destroyed you once but are now a part of your past, life can still be lived – NORMALLY.

So, when a storm hits, how do you choose to live your life? Sulking? Brooding? Turning yourself into a defensive and ferocious adult? Or by learning your lessons and moving on to becoming a healthy, happier human being?

The decision is yours.

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