Hostages Review

I do not know where to start from. The kidnappers in the show are like, ‘Ghar ke Kidnappers.’ For kidnappers as well as hostages, it was like aao jao ghar tumhara. Neither are the kidnappers bothered about keeping up to their kidnapping plan, not are the hostages bothered about being kidnapped. It looked like everyone’s living their own life. Everyone seemed to be in a ‘Kidnapping? Haan woh baad mein dekh lenge’ mindset.

The show is full of wtf moments but here is clearly one –

The son of the family is locked in one of the bedrooms where he has access to his laptop and internet. But what does he do? He chats with one of his school friends. He does not email or message anyone and inform them about the kidnapping.

Another wtf moment – The daughter’s boyfriend who enters the house by climbing the pipe because his girlfriend had messaged him saying she is in trouble, tried to fight the gang alone instead of going out and informing the police. Dude, no one knew you have entered the house. Go back and inform the police, or at least, call them.

To be honest, the story had the potential of turning the series into a gripping drama. It drastically failed because of weak direction. The problem with the filmmakers, may it be our 3-hour long theatre films, short films, or web series, they think that once big names sign their films and they have the marketing budget, there is no need to break a sweat building solid content.

‘Seasons’ being a new fad in the web series industry, the makers are unnecessarily stretching stories beyond the limit. The stories lose their essence and beauty. The story that can effectively be told into 5 episodes is not just stretched to 10 episodes but are extended to season 2.

Hostages, if wrapped into season 1, could have at least been a sensible series. It looked like the makers were since the beginning wanted a season 2, and hence simply focussed on ending season 1 with a twist. I really wish they would have focussed on serving the audience twist and turns in season 1 so that they would have been excited for season 2.

To sum it up, Hostages is a dumb, boring, emotionless drama which you may not want to watch after a few episodes.

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  1. I will definitely not agree with your Dumb review I just watched the whole season 1 series but it not seems like dumb, boring, emotionless drama. as a casual viewer, I liked this thriller and curious about what happens next and definitely waiting for season 2.. IT’s from casual viewer perceptive.


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