Bekaaboo Review

Bekaaboo Review

If you are planning to watch Alt Balaji’s latest web series Bekaaboo for sex, the series will disappoint you. If you are planning to watch Bekaaboo for the story, it has none. If you are planning to watch it for acting, again, it has none.

It looks like some of the web series makers are trying to find an easy way out. The writers first write down sex scenes and then weave a story around it. Bekaaboo is one of such series.

Though sex-based, it could have been a wonderful watch if the makers would have focussed a little on the direction, developing the story, and polishing the actors’ acting skills. If the makers think that the viewers who watch their series for sex would enjoy only the steamy scenes, then they are wrong. They have more channels to watch what they want to, UNCENSORED and UNCUT.

The web is blooming because it gave people what Television and Cinema had stopped giving them – Good Content. No digital entertainment content creator should ruin it.

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