BROKEN But beautiful Review

Love is not about everything being hunky-dory all the time. It’s about picking up the other person’s pieces and putting them together to make them whole again when you are bleeding yourself. That’s what defines ‘Broken But beautiful..’

Apt title, I must say.

Broken is a story of two individuals, not lovers, who are finding it difficult to make peace with their past and come to the terms with a life that do not have the person they loved the most in it anymore. It’s about the journey of how they help each other heal, knowingly and unknowingly.

Both Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi have brought their characters, Veer and Sameera to life. You can feel the pain of loss and brokenness when they cry. You won’t judge them for their craziness and depression; you will just sit back and wait for them to recover; hoping that they do.

What I loved the most is the way Broken But beautiful season 1 ended. The pain subsided but didn’t completely vanish. Nothing was, hence unrealistic.

It did not end on the ‘happily ever after’ note, but yes, it did end on a ‘happy’ note.



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