Laddoo Review

The most intelligent conversation you can have is with a child. Laddoo is proof of it. Their questions aren’t silly. If you don’t have the answers, your living has been pointless.

Usually, when I see a short film whether I like it or hate it, the words simply flow. But this time, I am speechless. Hats off to the writers for handling such a sensitive subject so beautifully and most importantly, INTELLIGENTLY.

This is one of those films which can be passed down from generation to generation because our beliefs never will change and hence, never will our problems.

We will fight over who is mightier, Allah or Shiv, again and again, not realising that God is one. Never realising that Mandir and Masjid fulfil the same purpose.
I think, the most important lesson we should learn from Laddoo is,


Maybe then, this world will be free of wars and riots. The questions the kid asks the Maulvi will hit you where it hurts.

I will end the short review of this short film with one of its most powerful dialogues,

“Umrah Zehnat Kabhi Kuch Aisa Na Sikha Payi Woh Sachchai Jo Bholi Aakhon Mein Dikhayi”

TAKE A BOW : The Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues Team
Kishor & Sameer Sadhwani
Anshul Pandey
Vinit Vyas
Vipul Chaube

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